shadow|shadowed|shadowing|shadows in English


[shad·ow || 'ʃædəʊ]

shade, cast a shadow; dim, darken; follow, pursue, trail (especially in a stealthy way

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1. Objects can both cast and receive stencil shadows, so self - shadowing is inbuilt.

2. Create Drop Shadows - 'Procedure develops a "drop shadow" around a picture box (s Width in Pixels).

3. Shadow sites are made visible by earthworks or stone walls casting shadows in very low-level sunlight.

4. The hood shadowed her face.

5. Detectives shadowed him for weeks.

6. Shadowed smiles and secrets unrevealed.

7. Particle Self-Shadowing and Shadow Casting from and onto matte objects; support for per-particle Scatter, Emission, Absorption and Density data, Various Light Scattering models incl.

8. It's a Mirroring , Shadowing PLUS Speed upgrade.

9. 21 The hood shadowed her face.

10. 9) The police are shadowing her.

11. The mountains were shadowing into blackness.

12. Our planes shadowed the enemy fighter.

13. 16) The following example illustrates shadowing through inheritance.

14. Wave optics, however, tells us that no sharp shadows can exist , since some of the light does reach into the geometrical shadow region.

15. The eyes were deep-set and shadowed.

16. 2) The mountains were shadowing into blackness.

17. The bay was shadowed by magnificent cliffs.

18. A wide-brimmed hat shadowed her face.

19. The vinegar had over-shadowed the saccharin.

20. The grass is shadowed by huge oaks.

21. The euro has closely shadowed the dollar.

22. 14) BLOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.

23. 15) The police have been shadowing him for months.

24. Detectives shadowed them for weeks, collecting evidence.

25. BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.