shadow|shadows in English


[shad·ow || 'ʃædəʊ]

darkness caused when light is blocked by an opaque object; darkness of twilight; trace, hint

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1. Create Drop Shadows - 'Procedure develops a "drop shadow" around a picture box (s Width in Pixels).

2. Shadow sites are made visible by earthworks or stone walls casting shadows in very low-level sunlight.

3. Wave optics, however, tells us that no sharp shadows can exist , since some of the light does reach into the geometrical shadow region.

4. The first layer is for the shape of the shadow from light source and the second layer is for soft shadows from indirect light and area light.

5. Life to Those Shadows.

6. Ghostly, living in the shadows.

7. The simulation results show that for the shadows caused by foreground with different color and size, this method can discriminate the target and shadow region effectively and robustly.

8. A shadow.

9. Common X-ray basic magnification, miliary shadow, small node patch shadow, large node mass shadow, circular of circular-like shadow and nrix type.

10. Shadow Man.

11. Render shadows, including extended lights

12. The evening shadows darkened the room.

13. He stood, unmoving, in the shadows.

14. He looked down: fathomless shadows.

15. The evening shadows were lengthening.

16. Someone was lurking in the shadows.

17. Shadows and vapors , all the same.

18. The shadows deepened toward late afternoon.

19. I shrank back into the shadows.

20. Men were loosing off at shadows.

21. * Powder eye shadow

22. Secure the shadow.

23. Render shadows, but no extended lights

24. In valleys deep in the shadows,

25. A shadow operation?