shadow cabinet in English

government that the opposition establishes

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "shadow cabinet" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shadow cabinet", or refer to the context using the word "shadow cabinet" in the English Dictionary.

1. Then came the first Shadow Cabinet meeting.

2. Fellow shadow cabinet members John Prescott and David Blunkett abstained.

3. Some outside the shadow cabinet resent being passed over and neglected.

4. This should be discussed with the Shadow Cabinet spokesman on Education.

5. It follows his good showing in Labour's shadow cabinet elections yesterday.

6. Who cast a shadow over the Labour conference by quitting the Shadow Cabinet?

7. The shadow cabinet elections are arousing unusual interest because of change at the top.

8. When the party is in opposition it also elects the Parliamentary Committee or Shadow Cabinet.

9. There is almost no one in the Shadow Cabinet who doesn't, either, since Bryan Gould resigned.

10. It is a pity the more intelligent Shadow Cabinet members are led by an intellectual lightweight.

11. The shadow cabinet elections can not go ahead until the new party leadership is in place.

12. He did not regard the shadow cabinet members or other recreational users of cannabis as criminals.

13. And Bryan Gould could well survive despite his unsuccessful leadership challenge and decision to quit the shadow cabinet.

14. He also said he had long fought from within the shadow cabinet for a change in Euro policies.

15. There are good men and women, with their hearts in roughly the right place, in the shadow cabinet.

16. He topped the poll for the shadow cabinet elections and played a leading role in the policy review process.

17. One of Mr Osborne’s unofficial roles in opposition was managing shadow-cabinet colleagues, guiding, cajoling and admonishing as required.

18. The Conservatives launched a project in Rwanda staffed by party volunteers, including senior members of the then shadow cabinet.

19. Mr Portillo cast doubt over the tax policy as soon as he returned to the shadow cabinet this year.

20. And seven members of the shadow cabinet put out statements warning Mr Ashdown that voters would neither forget nor forgive.

21. Even before the formal resignation announcements, the jockeying for position within the Shadow Cabinet was well under way last night.

22. The party which wins the second largest number of seats becomes theOfficial Opposition, with its own leader and "shadow cabinet ".

23. The shadow cabinet decided in April 1912 that it would abandon the referendum idea and return to the full tariff policy.

24. Its readership includes diplomats in the UK, British Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members, MPs, Lords, MEPs and international relations scholars and experts.

25. And the preparations for government now being undertaken by the shadow cabinet are, at Cameron's insistence, putting the environment deep into policymaking.

26. Members of the right-wing Solidarity Group picked up so many shadow cabinet posts that they no longer needed to organise.

27. Ed Miliband seems at least to be taking this seriously, having appointed Liz Kendall to the shadow cabinet to take charge of social care.

28. He is a serial political apologist, saying sorry, sacrificing an aide and obliging his shadow cabinet to pay back their most egregious claims, like medieval Christians buying indulgences.

29. The leader of themajority party is appointed Prime Minister. The party which wins the second largest number of seats becomes theOfficial Opposition, with its own leader and "shadow cabinet ".

30. The Chinese side looks forward to receiving Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, Ms. Cooper and other members of the shadow cabinet in China at a time convenient for both sides.

31. He and the other shadow cabinet members of the millionaires row of the Tory front bench are hopelessly out of touch with what the real world worries of citizens.