shadowgraph|shadowgraphs in English


image created by casting shadows onto a surface

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1. This article analyzes the character sculpt of shadowgraph in different regions, and sums up that the character sculpt of shadowgraph has three features: complanation, dramatization, regionalization.

2. XP P 18-566 - Aggregates - Particle size analysis, flattening, elongation - Test using a shadowgraph device.

3. The application of high-speed shadowgraph technology to flow field evolvement diagnosis of laser propulsion is presented.

4. Furthermore, the computational shadowgraph images were plotted based on the numerical results and relevant computational flow imaging( CFI) methods.

5. If Shadowgraph series is the spirit of Buhui , the return of the soul, the Drum women series is the return of his mother.

6. The distribution of shadowgraph intensities in uniform traveling wave is investigated by means of numerical simulation of 2-D equations of hydrodynamics.