shag|shagged|shagging|shags in English



have sexual intercourse (British Slang); cause wear and tea

Use "shag|shagged|shagging|shags" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "shag|shagged|shagging|shags" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shag|shagged|shagging|shags", or refer to the context using the word "shag|shagged|shagging|shags" in the English Dictionary.

1. You guys look sort of shagged out.

2. I am shagged out after all that work.

3. I'm not going - I'm too shagged!

4. I have lost my shagging mandibles.

5. Shagging was around with powdered wigs.

6. She's shagged out after all that work.

7. I'm shagged out after all day's work.

8. He bought a shag rug.

9. The shag carpet is out of style.

10. I'm shagged out after that long walk.

11. Besides, shagging had not come into it.

12. All she ever thinks about is shagging.

13. Why didn't you respond to my accusation regarding shagging Shielas?

14. Clearly it's an impertinence to snoop on employees' shagging arrangements.

15. You can't just shag balls everyday until graduation.

16. Could you shag like that 50 years ago?

17. 'Cause it ain't gonna come'round, begging you to shag it.

18. We'd been shagging around over these mountains for four days.

19. You'd better go ahead, I'm shagged out and must have a rest.

20. To hear him talk, you'd think he's shagged every woman in town!

21. The shagging men come out of Call the Midwife with little glory.

22. When wheat and wild around hirsute, strong as shag boiled soup.

23. 11 When wheat and wild around hirsute, strong as shag boiled soup.

24. They were the epicenter of none - stop nation - wide virtual shag there.

25. Red-throated divers and shags feed a lot on young saithe and also on sand-eel.