shaggy|shaggier|shaggiest in English


[shag·gy || 'ʃægɪ]

having long matted hair; rough and matted; untidy, slovenly, unkempt

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1. Shaggy, the magnet!

2. Tim has longish, shaggy hair.

3. Well, just for the record- - SHAGGY:

4. Yard's looking a little shaggy.

5. Your hair is getting shaggy.

6. He's black and white and shaggy.

7. He was a shaggy , thick - necked fellow.

8. Your hair, it's getting really shaggy.

9. This old man shaved his shaggy black beard.

10. Occasionally, it gave its enormous, shaggy head a turn.

11. He had thick brown hair and shaggy brows.

12. The big shaggy head turned to look at me.

13. His shaggy grey hair fell loosely across his brow.

14. A shake roof is rather shaggy in appearance.

15. Milo sniffed in consternation twice, like a shaggy brown hare.

16. A coarse , shaggy woolen cloth with an uncut nap.

17. Three shaggy-haired men thrash tunelessly at their guitars.

18. Laxford Bridge is a welcome uninhabited oasis amongst shaggy surroundings.

19. Bilberry goats are large, with shaggy coats and very large horns.

20. Goldie takes one look at Rainbow's shaggy ankles and sighs.

21. I was sunburned, shaggy - haired, a little aloof, and solitary.

22. Typically, brownies are small and shaggy haired, with a brown, wrinkled face.

23. 11 The epicardial surface of the heart shows a shaggy fibrinous exudate.

24. A shaggy, oversize stuffed toy dog lay in front of the television set.

25. A shaggy bearded bear of a man in a smock and khaki shorts.