shake in English

an act of shaking.
with a shake of its magnificent antlers the stag charged down the slope
a trill.
But he also interprets the shaking in musical terms using tremolos and trills, which can themselves be described as shakes .
(of a structure or area of land) tremble or vibrate.
buildings shook in Sacramento and tremors were felt in Reno

Use "shake" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "shake" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shake", or refer to the context using the word "shake" in the English Dictionary.

1. Shake it, shake it

2. Shake it!

3. Shake your ass.

4. Shake it out

5. Shake your ass!

6. Example:'shake out your right hand. Now shake out your whole arm. "

7. You shake it.

8. Shake up before drinking.

9. Shake the hot things!

10. Shake it off, man.

11. We felt the house shake.

12. Shake it for the general.

13. You'll soon shake down here.

14. let me shake it off like a donkey would shake off something it doesn't like.

15. Add the grenadine to the milk and shake up for a excellent milk shake alternative.

16. Can you shake that spy?

17. Yeah, I'm gonna shake it!

18. Can you shake him off?

19. 5) Add the grenadine to the milk and shake up for a excellent milk shake alternative.

20. 22) Add the grenadine to the milk and shake up for a excellent milk shake alternative.

21. She got a fair shake.

22. Her hands had started to shake.

23. Martin, I wanna shake your hand.

24. Tonight, let us shake this cave.

25. Is there a shake out process?

26. Fuckin'A, let me shake your hand.

27. I want to shake your hand.

28. Shake the bottle well before use.

29. Shake it up, we'll be late.

30. The whole house started to shake.

31. Camera module with anti-shake device

32. I gotta shake up my press agent.

33. You can shake down on the floor.

34. 5) Shake the bottle well before use.

35. We often shake flour through a sieve.

36. Her body began to shake with mirth.

37. Shake the bottle before taking the medicine.

38. 6) Make me a chocolate milk shake.

39. How about some fries and a shake?

40. I hope this don't shake Rita up.

41. We managed to shake off the photographers.

42. He taught his dos to shake hands.

43. He watched them shake hands and embrace.

44. Got ta love the pineapple shake too.

45. This canoe does not shake out easily.

46. He offered a limp hand to shake.

47. The earth tremor made the mountains shake.

48. Shake the bottle before you open it.

49. Miss Brill had wanted to shake her.

50. I would never shake down a congressman.