shake|shaken|shakes|shaking|shook in English



mix by moving back and forth quickly; tremble, quiver; agitate, upset, distress; totter, sway; grasp hands as a gesture of goodwill

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1. He shook her violently as a dog shakes a rat.

2. Aero Shake: Shaking (quickly dragging back and forth) a window minimizes all other windows.

3. The wood chip shake - sifter shaking arm package adopts U.S.A. ROSTA directional connection package.

4. Shake it, shake it

5. He's got the shakes?

6. I see more shakes.

7. Sometimes it shake it from its cute little white tail when it grazing It was a long thin ear, followed by shaking up!

8. 13 Also, I shook out the folds of my garment* and said: “In this manner may the true God shake out from his house and from his possessions every man who does not carry out this promise, and in this manner may he be shaken out and emptied.”

9. That's why she shakes like this.

10. Good shaking.

11. His confidence was badly shaken.

12. He was winded and shaken.

13. I'll be ready in two shakes.

14. I'll be back in two shakes.

15. I'mno great shakes as a detective.

16. He'll be there in two shakes.

17. I'll be with you in two shakes.

18. The experience left her deeply shaken.

19. His eyes flit around and his hand shakes.

20. And the hills may be shaken,

21. They had shaken off their pursuers.

22. I think we've shaken them off.

23. The office boy was shaken up.

24. Shake it!

25. Kids slurped strawberry shakes and ate hamburgers.