shake one's ears|shake one's ear in English

expose one's feelings, express one's emotions

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1. Shake one's head what is the action principle of bolus?

2. After the doctor looked, shake one's head, xiao hui asks tensely: " How? "

3. The husband shake one's head: " Trashy, I give glasses forget to be in the home. "

4. Evidently, one's ears become acute out here.

5. Shake it, shake it

6. The words are still ringing [ reverberating ] in one's ears.

7. Shake it!

8. She held her ears when the jackhammer started to operate; hold one's nose.

9. Shake your ass.

10. Shake it out

11. Shake your ass!

12. Example:'shake out your right hand. Now shake out your whole arm. "

13. You shake it.

14. Shake up before drinking.

15. Stale images cancel one's perception and deviate one's motivation.

16. It is difficult to reconcile one's statements with one's conduct.

17. Be prepared to put one's hand in one's pocket. 

18. It's considered a great honour, monsieur, to have one's ear pulled by the Emperor.

19. The achievement of one's purpose depends largely on one's perseverance.

20. It is universally accepted that one's thinking directs one's actions.

21. Shake the hot things!

22. Shake it off, man.

23. One's conscious motives are often different from one's subconscious ones.

24. One's opinion tends to differ in accordance with one's standpoint.

25. One stone arouses 1000 billow, the tentative idea causes a mighty uproar very quickly in the whole nation, nod eulogist has, shake one's head the person that oppugn has.