shakedown|shakedowns in English


improvised bed made from straw; adjustment period; extortion of money; test voyage performed in order to check a new vessel for faults or defects; thorough search

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1. Look, I'm talking shakedowns, organ trafficking.

2. Following shakedown training out of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Whipple returned to Philadelphia for post-shakedown availability.

3. Not enough in there, after the shakedown.

4. No weapons were found during the shakedown.

5. The new system is in its shakedown phase.

6. Two policemen gave his place a real shakedown.

7. The new administration is still in the shakedown period.

8. Shakedown theorem under isotropic hardening is presented and proved in this paper. Namely, shakedown state is always achievable for structure of isotropic hardening materials under cycling loads.

9. 14) You will soon see a police department shakedown in Chongqing.

10. Yet God has begun a great shakedown in our legal system.

11. Already shakedown company, without do not lie gloomy maintained position.

12. After shakedown, Helm operated in the Caribbean until March 1938.

13. You will soon see a police department shakedown in Chongqing.

14. The shakedown theory of structures with damage is developed also in this thesis.

15. She returned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York City, for post-shakedown overhaul.

16. Following shakedown, Roe conducted exercises along the east coast and in the Pacific.

17. It's the IRS and the Miami PD, and it's all just that shakedown.

18. I was shocked to learn my co - worker was involved in a shakedown.

19. Every person and every vehicle going through the gates is subject to a thorough shakedown.

20. After fitting out, Atlanta conducted shakedown training until 13 March 1942, first in Chesapeake Bay and then in Maine's Casco Bay, after which she returned to the New York Navy Yard for post-shakedown repairs and alterations.

21. Recently, there have been signs that the romance market is in the process of a shakedown.

22. The pseudo - shakedown phenomenon in the structural mechanics of ships is investigated both theoretically and experimentally.

23. I am sitting on the edge of the shakedown bed I had hoped to sleep in.

24. In addition to successful shakedown testing and mapping operations, EX1201 also yielded a number of positive educational outcomes.

25. Following shakedown training, she spent the rest of 1961 off the California coast in amphibious exercises.