shaking in English


[shak·ing || 'ʃeɪkɪŋ]

act of causing to move back and forth; trembling, rapid back and forth movement; agitatio

Use "shaking" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "shaking" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shaking", or refer to the context using the word "shaking" in the English Dictionary.

1. Good shaking.

2. Motherfucker, stop shaking around.

3. I can't stop shaking.

4. Can't stop shaking, mate.

5. Look at me shaking!

6. Now they're... shaking hands.

7. It's shaking me violently.

8. My knees were shaking.

9. I was shaking with fury .

10. You're shaking like a leaf.

11. He was shaking with fear.

12. 'You're detestable!' she said, shaking.

13. 11 She began shaking uncontrollably.

14. He was shaking with fright.

15. She was shaking with fear.

16. All my bones are shaking.

17. She was shaking with laugher.

18. Klein said, shaking his head.

19. Her hand was shaking noticeably.

20. Rachel was shaking with fear .

21. Barbara was shaking with uncontrollable laughter.

22. My legs beneath me were shaking.

23. I'm shaking your hand too long.

24. Yeah, look at me, I'm shaking.

25. I was shaking like a leaf.

26. The child was shaking with fear.

27. Tree were shaking in the wind.

28. I am shaking in my sari.

29. It's better they're shaking afterwards than during.

30. The new recruits are shaking down well.

31. She was shaking with shock and humiliation.

32. Shaking ladle is also called shaking furnace, the equipment is used to process metal liquid in metallurgy industry.

33. On shaking legs he began to descend.

34. All at once the trailer started shaking.

35. My heart is throbbing and I'm shaking.

36. I lay in bed shaking with fright.

37. RAY shaking in the alien force field.

38. He was shaking from head to foot .

39. The child's body was shaking with sobs.

40. 2 There was no shaking off Steelman.

41. A strong yen is shaking the economy.

42. He started shaking it backwards and forwards.

43. Ruth stood shaking with despair and indecision.

44. I noticed that her hands were shaking.

45. You're better off shaking a Magic 8 ball.

46. Sounds like you're shaking things up in there.

47. Shaking your head for 'No' is not universal.

48. The train thundered past, shaking the whole house.

49. I stood there, crying and shaking with fear.

50. Bellamy was shaking his head in a daze.