shallow|shallower|shallowest in English


[shal·low || 'ʃæləʊ]

having little depth, not deep; superficial, not concerned with serious intellectual matters; weak, breathing in very little ai

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1. The shallower waters in the desert plains of Mali and the Niger Republic can only accommodate vessels of shallow draft.

2. The fish prefer shallower waters around 24 °C. It reaches depths of 350 m.

3. These devices draw on much shallower and colder resources than traditional geothermal techniques.

4. The ship has touched bottom, the estuary must be shallower than we thought.

5. The shallower angle meant that the aspect ratio of chord to span was higher.

6. Buy high arch or gooseneck spouts if you have large pots and shallower sinks.

7. Neritic regions are shallow.

8. Soon the seawater began to gurgle pond gradually became shallower, revealing wet sand on either side.

9. light beam at shallow angle

10. We waded a shallow river.

11. The sea is shallow here.

12. The proposed bridge alignment bisects run, deeper pool, and shallower shoal and bar habitats.

13. The lake is quite shallow.

14. His analysis was always shallow.

15. Did they say it's shallow as a wading pool, or shallow as an open grave?

16. They're all shallow, unsure cuts.

17. Shallow-fry the fish/bacon.

18. Shallow streams make most din.

19. At night it swims up into shallower depths of less than 200m where food is more plentiful.

20. 23 If you can not detect even the shallowest of breaths, attempt artificial respiration making sure the chest starts to rise.

21. Redraw the three diagrams of Figure 18.2 with a steeper L curve and a shallower I curve.

22. Tony seemed very shallow and immature.

23. She saw herself as shallow, tawdry.

24. The south side has a lot of cracks and overhangs, but is much shallower at 5-8 m.

25. We waded across a shallow stream.