shaman|shamans in English


[sha·man || 'ʃæmən]

tribal priest or priestess who uses supernatural forces to heal illness or predict the future; person who resembles a shama

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1. Orc Shamans are better and it's worth going for a Shaman Lord if you can afford it.

2. Their Progenitor was a Siberian shaman.

3. Forest Goblin Shamans keep small poisonous spiders in their mouths.

4. Leaders are mostly shaman, line monogamy.

5. 2 Shaman Bata Tai back to the room.

6. Many people still consult shamans, witch doctors, or similar healers.

7. Shamans ? Human and succubus hybrids can cast haste and slow.

8. Shaman Bata Tai back to the room.

9. Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

10. Like all Shaman, they returned to the sky.

11. In this sense, shamans are psychoanalysts, much like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

12. The sly Caledonian shaman of the New Left?

13. 23 Leaders are mostly shaman,[] line monogamy.

14. If another living shaman eats a portion of shaman mushroom then it dissolves inside him and releases vast amounts of magic energy.

15. Tauren shaman often war stomp and then cast LHW.

16. 21 Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

17. You hear shaman's council Shaman says wait for sign.

18. Some tribes have special medicine men or shamans who treat the sick.

19. Shaman : Earthbind Totem will now immobilize all Rogues in the same zone.

20. The shaman gain these bonds by completing spirit bond quests.

21. Confirms that Orc Shaman will sacrifice Goblins to regain mana.

22. His death and resurrection as shaman lies in his future.

23. Lapp shamans used to eat the mushroom during the midwinter pagan ceremonies of Annual Renewal.

24. Michelle Branch also performs on the album Shaman by Carlos Santana.

25. Primitive myth comes to us through the kindness of shamans, village elders, witches, warlocks, and medicine men.