shame|shamed|shames|shaming in English



embarrass; bring dishonor; humiliate; compel through guilt

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1. He shames my school!

2. Shame occurs in the shaming or belittling of oneself, which is often experienced as a form of self-consciousness or self-judgment.

3. 4) Burning out the shames, the deepest, oldest shames, in the most secret places.

4. Are you slut-shaming me right now?

5. Slut-shaming rarely happens to heterosexual men.

6. You've shamed your family.

7. Shaming your father has always given you pleasure.

8. His generosity shamed them all.

9. Your arrogance embarrasses me and shames you.

10. My own naivety shamed me.

11. You have shamed your family.

12. Activism against slut-shaming takes place worldwide.

13. Their training record shamed other companies.

14. I have shamed my family.

15. The press was shamed into leaving.

16. Stooping, shamed, he caressed the hallowed ground.

17. I'm shamed to be your friend.

18. She had shamed her family name .

19. The class's unruly behaviour shamed the teacher.

20. Her son's affair had humiliated and shamed her.

21. The genocide in Darfur shames the conscience of us all.

22. A good pawn never shamed his master.

23. He was shamed out of his bad habits.

24. She shamed her father into promising more help.

25. A man cannot be without shame , for the shame of being without shame is shamelessness.