shamgar committee in English

investigative committee for investigating the massacre at the Cave of the Machpela (in February 1994)

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1. Valiant Shamgar single-handedly strikes down 600 Philistines using a cattle goad.

2. Rules Committee : Each House has a Rules Committee .

3. And the Joint Committee is a jobs committee.

4. Coordinators’ Committee

5. Writing Committee

6. Teaching Committee

7. Public Corporation Audit Committee can directly employ the Accountant Committee.

8. The Vigilance Committee was the forerunner of the Cadet Honor Committee.

9. One of the committee members serves as the Branch Committee coordinator.

10. 2012: Honorary Committee.

11. The Resource Allocation committee will be transformed into an ad-hoc committee.

12. Access the Web site for a specific committee in the "Committee List" section.

13. The committee meets quarterly.

14. The committee meets fortnightly.

15. An advisory committee on value added tax, called ‘the VAT Committee’, is set up.

16. The Programming Language Committee also liaised with ECMA and the Japanese COBOL Standard committee.

17. Elect labor union member of committee and budget investigates member of committee a candidate.

18. International Olympic Committee members are in their country's national Olympic Committee ex-officio members.

19. The Business Advisory Committee , Committee on Petitions , Committee on Privileges and the Rules Committee continue in office till re - constituted whereas other Standing Committees hold office for a period not exceeding one year .

20. The secretariat of the committee shall act under the sole authority of the committee.

21. The Country Committee cooperates with the Branch Committee for the advancement of Kingdom interests.

22. In Committee, we discussed the report of the disabled persons transport advisory committee many times.

23. The committee has been dissolved.

24. She's on the management committee.

25. Among the organizations, International Accounting Standard Committee and Financial Accounting Criterion Committee of U. S.