shape in English

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.
the external form or appearance characteristic of someone or something; the outline of an area or figure.
she liked the shape of his nose
give a particular shape or form to.
most caves are shaped by the flow of water through limestone

Use "shape" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "shape" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "shape", or refer to the context using the word "shape" in the English Dictionary.

1. This shape was simply not the double bottom shape.

2. & Cursor shape

3. Replace this lollipop shape with class - like interface shape.

4. Very obvious, present double bottom shape is a false shape.

5. A humanoid shape.

6. Appearance respect has similar Olympic Games of 5 annulus about, have seem lightning formative, still have geometrical body, serpent shape, mussel shape, rope shape, fan shape, meshy etc.

7. Multiple Arrow shape

8. You must get the business into shape , shape up or ship out!

9. Scanning electron microscope indicated that adherent cells showed shuttle shape or multiple angle shape, and the multiple apophysis showed irregular shape.

10. 15 The shape of the two parts of the mold bodies after being combined can be geometric shapes such as a square shape, a round shape or a polygonal shape.

11. The selected shape is not a valid Gantt Chart project shape.

12. The selected shape is not a valid Gantt Chart or Timeline project shape.

13. Shape: oval/almond-shaped

14. Source or Sink shape

15. Cylindrical, flattened, elongated shape.

16. Sylar's a shape-shifter.

17. They're the same shape.

18. Its shape is outstanding.

19. Shape defect — limit allowed

20. 6) After comparing the combustion characteristics of normal shape-coal and tinpot shape-coal, authors made one conclusion that the shape-coal fired boiler has lower economy when using tinpot shape-coal.

21. The poly compound mostly exists in eutectic crystal shape or polybasic point shape.

22. Sealing Material : O - shape or U - shape seal ring; butadiene acrylonitrile rubber, fluorine rubber.

23. The Active Shape Models (ASM) uses a different approach to incorporate prior shape information.

24. BoxPanel (HINT: for Frame Shape

25. What shape is the table?

26. Looks like a black shape.

27. Yeah, I keep in shape.

28. Change pointer shape over icons

29. Karma We shape our world.

30. Is the shape on the left the same as the shape on the right, rotated?

31. Methdos 45 patients were treated with V shape or shape nail of both ends bended.

32. He's got a round shape...

33. It is cylindrical in shape.

34. Pink and olive green for oval shape , ink for marquis shape and wht for round.

35. You were in bad shape.

36. It was triangular in shape.

37. One macronucleus, elliptical in shape.

38. The shape of the ovules as they develop often affects the final shape of the seeds.

39. Equilibrium shape and shape bifurcation of rotating liquid drops under acoustic levitation are studied in experiments.

40. The edge and bottom of the cylinder shows a zigzag shape and a funnel shape respectively.

41. The basin can be a circular shape, oval, a toroidal shape, a rectangle or a polygon.

42. 24 Straight generatrix shape roller and arc generatrix shape roller are incompletely the same in processing.

43. The paper introduces the shape control system and discuses about shape control system for DAVY system.

44. The shape-retaining film (1) allows the flexible circuit board (8) to retain a deformed shape.

45. What was the translation applied to move the blue solid shape to the orange dashed shape?

46. Things had connected, falling into a new shape - a shape that bode well for the future.

47. Three-dimensional shape measuring device, method for acquiring hologram image, and method for measuring three-dimensional shape

48. A cubic-shape power relay with:

49. Uptown was still in bad shape.

50. She likes to stay in shape.