shyster in English

a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business.
So now, six years in, what should these shysters , lawyers, and purveyors of vacuous mediocrity do next?

Use "shyster" in a sentence

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1. He's a real shyster.

2. What are those shyster politicians doing now?

3. Another said,'Have you heard of such a shyster?

4. It is almost impossible to find a lawyer that is not a shyster.

5. Their lawyer is a shyster who would do anything to win a case.

6. Is it not a fitting monument to 13 years of shyster Tory Government?

7. Unfortunately, that did not stem the tide of the shyster consultant industry. It just pushed it underground.

8. Well, I came back here and became the damned shyster you wanted me to be.

9. The Nixon lawyers confirmed the under-lying suspicions of the country-that lawyer was synonymous with shyster and crook.

10. This lawyer I hired to sue my partner for stealing my share of our profits turned out to be a shyster .

11. Lafferty's longtime business partner, Allan Aitken, told me that he believed that "Biro was either a shyster or a con man, and had found in Lafferty an easy mark."