siberia in English

a vast region of Russia that extends from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic coast to the northern borders of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. Noted for the severity of its winters, it was traditionally used as a place of exile; it is now a major source of minerals and hydroelectric power.

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1. Thousands were banished to Siberia.

2. He was exiled to Siberia.

3. The czar banished him to Siberia.

4. They'll demand drilling access in eastern Siberia.

5. The Czar government transported him to Siberia.

6. Many Soviet dissidents were banished to Siberia.

7. Summers can be quite hot, even in Siberia.

8. Fought off the White Russian forces in Siberia.

9. She travelled across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian railway.

10. Siberia supports a similar sequence but is predominantly taiga.

11. North of these mountains lies Siberia - and Lake Baikal.

12. She travelled 000 miles by sledge across Siberia to Kamchatka.

13. He colonized Siberia with scores of new settlements, including Tobolsk.

14. The exhibit will display pictures from his trek across Siberia.

15. At the same time missionary monks helped to conquer Siberia.

16. In the woods of Siberia in the dead of Winter.

17. In Manchuria and Siberia, they mate during January and February.

18. Camus was born in France. Heimproved his power in Siberia.

19. Koguryo occupied much of today's Manchuria and part of Siberia.

20. The bleak prospect of the labour camps, slavery in Siberia?

21. Sublimation from snow surface in southern mountain taiga of eastern Siberia.

22. They are found near the shores of North America and Siberia.

23. 20 In northern Siberia, bone - chilling winds sweep down from the Pole.

24. The earliest carpet is OK retrospect to the Siberia dynasty before 2500.

25. Hundreds of Poles were executed, and thousands were deported to Siberia.

26. During World War II, Mravinsky and the orchestra were evacuated to Siberia.

27. Off the north coast of Siberia there may be something even bigger.

28. It must be a hard life, working as a Lumberman in Siberia.

29. The suture of Siberia plate and Kazakstan plate goes along Darbut-Kelameili.

30. The Tuvan republic lies at the geographical center of Asia, in southern Siberia.

31. Ed Gillespie travels through Siberia on his low - carbon journey around the world.

32. Gregor Karakov, former minister, now owns most of the mines in Siberia,

33. It is also found in parts of Russia, including Siberia, and Kamchatka.

34. Thus we visit the deepest lake on the planet, Lake Baikal in Siberia.

35. Demands for a separate Siberia are confined for now to the lunatic fringe.

36. After defeating Mao's supporters in the first campaign, China invades Siberia to capture materials.

37. Especially in the 1950’s, thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses were exiled to Siberia.

38. What you see there, represents temperature drops in mobile missile units in Siberia.

39. Two other significant strands of Russia' s colonial expansion into Siberia deserve mention.

40. They were building railways and digging roads in the frozen wastes of Siberia.

41. Cold , dry winds from Siberia prevail over the mainland from December to February.

42. Upper Paleolithic huts from Buret, Siberia. These structures date from about 000 BCE.

43. He breathed his last on the frigid steppe of eastern Siberia, vilified and disgraced.

44. On his return journey in the train across Siberia he wrote a barren reply.

45. The major petroleum deposits are located in western Siberia and in the Volga-Urals.

46. Exiled by Bolcarro to that judicial Siberia, Judge Lyttle applied his own rough justice.

47. A delegate from Siberia proposed a resolution that he stand down as party chairman.

48. Standing the land in Siberia, Northern Lights is behind the curtain, ice Zuoban years.

49. From 12 to 16 April 2015, a series of wildfires spread across southern Siberia, Russia.

50. Growing up in Pereyaslovka, Siberia, Alexandre Moskalenko lived across the street from a trampoline coach.