siblings in English

each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.
I do not know if there were any other siblings or if their parents had any brothers or sisters.
synonyms: brother sister sib

Use "siblings" in a sentence

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1. United With Siblings

2. She has no siblings.

3. Fight with your siblings

4. You're not really siblings.

5. Leona has no siblings.

6. o getting along with siblings

7. SOME siblings are very close.

8. Twin siblings often enable and abet.

9. A triplet sleeps amongst its two siblings.

10. The person may mention siblings —even twins.

11. Is it maybe protecting its siblings?

12. ● What advantages do you see in having siblings?

13. How do you treat your parents and siblings?

14. In addition, she cares for three disabled siblings.

15. Douglas was often cruelly tormented by jealous siblings.

16. He grew up with three siblings, now all deceased.

17. However, the individuals named above are not ordinary siblings.

18. They are siblings fom a friend in Paris...

19. Thursday ambushes the agents as they arrest the other siblings.

20. Jobe-Njie and her siblings were raised by their uncle.

21. ▪ Relationships How do you treat your parents and siblings?

22. She grew up with three siblings: Sarah, Jane, and Charles.

23. Older kids may have to take care of younger siblings .

24. These cannibalistic tadpoles make short work of one of their siblings.

25. Her entire family, including her siblings have attended college.

26. He had four siblings, two of whom died early.

27. How well did you get along with your siblings?

28. 18 His siblings are mostly in their early twenties.

29. 6) Douglas was often cruelly tormented by jealous siblings.

30. Father, Mother, and our three siblings died in the gas chambers.

31. She has eight older half-siblings from her father's previous marriage.

32. He was one of seven siblings (five boys and two girls).

33. 21 Children learn swearing from copying their parents and siblings.

34. Many of them buried husbands, children, parents, and siblings along the way.

35. □ Social skills: Do you get along well with your parents and siblings?

36. If I die trying to save you, who will feed your siblings?

37. Some of my other siblings have also joined us in serving Jehovah.

38. Motor tics , tics in siblings, diagnosis or family history or Tourette's syndrome.

39. Thereafter, my uncle Nick took me and my siblings into his care.

40. “Without my siblings, all my fondest memories would vanish into thin air.

41. 11 Kids have a limitless capacity to get into fights with siblings.

42. Meanwhile, his older siblings were model students, raising the teacher's expectations for him.

43. Infection has not resulted from allowing free entry to fathers, siblings, and grandparents.

44. Like her siblings, Jenny was enrolled in our synagogue's religious school.

45. Siblings and dizygotic twins share only 50 % of their segregating genes.

46. Firstly, subdivision, because inheritance is shared between siblings, takes place throughout the region.

47. All children will tend to suffer from separation from their parents and siblings.

48. My parents and the house I shared with them and my seven siblings

49. Cleopatra Selene had many siblings, including Ptolemy IX, Ptolemy X, and Cleopatra IV.

50. After his mother's death in 1828, William Moore Meredith helped raise his younger siblings.