sibs in English

a brother or sister; a sibling.
In contrast, males that encountered mole-rat scent behaved differently, in several ways, to their sibs that encountered predator scent (at least in high-markers).
a group of people recognized by an individual as his or her kindred.
Therefore, many researchers expect to see just the sort of discriminating parental investment reported by Mann - behavior that favors more vigorous offspring over their less healthy sibs .

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1. The risk to the sibs of the proband depends on the status of the parents.

2. The risk to the sibs of a male proband depends upon the carrier status of the mother.

3. Out of 29 children of married patients two sibs were affected, one with anencephaly, the other with spina bifida aperta and hydrocephalus.

4. It appears that polygynous colonies can be formed through budding of a parent nest and queening by several sibs from the parental colony (multiple adultoid reproductives).

5. Testing of relatives at risk: It is appropriate to test sibs of a proband so that appropriate dietary management can be instituted before symptoms occur.

6. A positive correlation between amylose content of the parents and their progeny after selfing, crosses between sibs, and of the mentioned amylose-rich clones with 2 x or 4 xS. tuberosum could be ascertained.