sick in English

affected by physical or mental illness.
nursing very sick children
synonyms: ill unwell poorly ailing indisposed not oneself off laid up under the weather
So, while I cleaned cat sick off the carpet Paul headed off home to finish putting his kitchen back together now that the painting is finished.
bring something up by vomiting.

Use "sick" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "sick" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "sick", or refer to the context using the word "sick" in the English Dictionary.

1. sick.

2. She felt sick too, awfully, awfully sick.

3. Sick, venal.

4. Sick, dude.

5. You're sick.

6. And sick.

7. Sick fuck.

8. Grown sick to our stomachs, and sick of our lives.

9. I felt sick.

10. That's pretty sick.

11. Sick sinus syndrome?

12. “Sick-Building Syndrome”

13. She was sick.

14. You sick bastards!

15. That's so sick.

16. Goddamn, that's sick.

17. You're all sick.

18. I'm not sick.

19. Ang is sick.

20. Wasn't that sick?

21. Bullets are sick.

22. You were sick.

23. A sick dog is as much a dependant as a sick child.

24. Administration to the Sick

25. Tell them you're sick.

26. See a sick friend.

27. Compassion for the Sick

28. James, this is sick.

29. We've been worried sick.

30. A worker was docked sick pay for playing golf while on sick leave.

31. Drew: If you sick, you could say, I as sick as a dog.

32. Nygma, you sick bastard.

33. Your daughter is sick.

34. Let's call in sick.

35. I'm sick of you.

36. Pickle makes her sick.

37. How sick is that?

38. My sister is sick.

39. I dread being sick.

40. I'm sick of it!

41. I'm sick of it.

42. Recognizing a Sick Prostate

43. I'm sick of resting.

44. Mum! I feel sick.

45. This is a leading cause of sick building syn drome, and sick human beings.

46. ABC's sick about losingCandid Camera.

47. But I'm sick of it.

48. Why the World Is Sick

49. I can't believe I'm sick.

50. She feels sick in buses.