skeleton in English

an internal or external framework of bone, cartilage, or other rigid material supporting or containing the body of an animal or plant.
Despite the apparent differences produced by an internal versus an external skeleton , the control problems faced by the two groups are formally the same.
synonyms: bones

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1. Skeleton: turgor of coelom provides a hydrostatic skeleton.

2. Zombie, Zombie Skeleton.

3. The skeleton key.

4. At present the two main production: pure mechanical skeleton wall clock, quartz skeleton table bell.

5. My real form is a skeleton.

6. Police have unearthed a human skeleton.

7. Destroy the skeleton, pulverize the bones.

8. Each animal has a chalky skeleton.

9. Tom wanted to have skeleton key.

10. Skeleton: hydrostatic skeleton works against the turgor of the hemocoel; the shell gives support in many species.

11. Nordic skiing Nordic combined Skeleton Alpine skiing

12. They're using a skeleton as a playground.

13. Everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard.

14. A diplodocus dinosaur skeleton watches the entrance.

15. The human skeleton consists of 206 bones.

16. Everyone has a skeleton in the closet.

17. Urban street trees in urban greening skeleton.

18. Offer him a set of skeleton keys?

19. The skeleton of my book is written/My book is in skeleton form - now I just have to add the details.

20. The disease had reduced Harry to a skeleton.

21. New Skeleton Diterpenoid Alkaloid from Aconitum Vilmorinianum Kom.

22. The “Seeing” Skeleton of the Brittle Star

23. Where are we with the skeleton key?

24. The disease has reduced her to a skeleton.

25. Only the concrete skeleton of the factory remained.

26. Every family has a skeleton in the cupBoard.

27. There is a skeleton in the cupboard. 

28. The hospital has a skeleton staff at weekends.

29. There is a skeleton in every house. 

30. The outer one third has a cartilaginous skeleton.

31. The police unearthed a skeleton in his garden.

32. These jokers will be experts with skeleton keys.

33. Meat - A bloody and fleshy skeleton (an unlockable character).

34. We'll be down to a skeleton staff over Christmas.

35. Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard. 

36. This opened the way for steel-skeleton construction.

37. Kord rep called it a, um, skeleton key.

38. I don't have any skeleton in the closet.

39. Many families have a skeleton in the closet.

40. He was dehydrated and looked like a skeleton.

41. The only full skeleton was found in Senéze, France.

42. Criminal record, divorce, an actual skeleton in your closet?

43. The block is still just a skeleton of girders.

44. They say every family a skeleton in the cupboard.

45. The Children as skeleton keys to open every door.

46. Yet, the skeleton of one man surprised the researchers.

47. And every ten years, you'll have a new skeleton.

48. We agreed on a skeleton outline of the proposal.

49. Scientists have unearthed a complete dinosaur skeleton in Montana.

50. The office building's steel skeleton rose above the skyline.