soaps in English

a substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali, and typically having perfume and coloring added.
a bar of soap
a soap opera.
the soaps are at the top of the ratings
wash with soap.
she soaped her face

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1. Soaps, disinfectant soaps, dry soaps

2. Soaps, in particular conditioning and disinfectant soaps, solid and liquid soaps, soaps for dissolving grease

3. Soaps with detergents

4. Soaps for use on the cuticles

5. Aqueous dispersions containing alkaline earth soaps and/or alkaline earth resin soaps for de-inking printed waste paper

6. Most soaps are made from animal fats.

7. Have you smelled our lavender heart soaps?

8. Avoid using perfumed soaps on sensitive skin.

9. Eau de cologne, perfumery, soaps, cosmetics, cosmetics cases

10. chelates of organic copper salts with metallic soaps.

11. Strong soaps can strip oil from your skin .

12. He's had bit parts in a couple of soaps.

13. Cosmetics, cosmetic goods, in particular preparations for baths, preparations for showers, fragrance oils, soaps, in particular medicated soaps, non-alkaline soaps in solid and liquid form, perfumery, essential oils, hair lotions, dentifrices, sanitary preparations, included in class 3

14. She bought me a box of prettily coloured soaps.

15. Wash down with a damp cloth - avoid using soaps.

16. Natural and Ecological soaps, Olive oil, Almond milk, etc.

17. Roll top baths, mixers, heated towel rails, soaps and towels.

18. // . For the manufacture of soaps and organic surface-active agents

19. Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations, scouring solutions, soaps, oil-wax care preparations, furniture wax, liquid wax, furniture polish, soaps for wood floors, care emulsions, vegetable soaps, intensive cleaners, sugar soap

20. Liquid soaps, shower and bath gel, shower and bath foam

21. We've done a range of ads... soaps, oils, toothbrushes, digestive pills.

22. Scum is formed when soaps and detergents react with hard water.

23. Virgin coconut oil is also used for making soaps and lotions.

24. Cotton sticks, toiletries and perfumery for babies, sweet almond oil, soaps, dentifrices

25. Soaps Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Gift Sets, Bathroom Accessories.

26. Lubricants, except industrial oils and greases used to make soaps and detergents

27. wastes from the MFSU of fats, grease, soaps, detergents, disinfectants and cosmetics

28. Lavender oil from Byron’s farm is used in soaps, creams, and candles.

29. The oil is used to flavour and perfume soaps, foam baths, and scents.

30. Green soaps sold as olive oil soap are manufactured from olive pomace oil.

31. The additives added to the post-treatment bath are wetting or separating agents comprising tensides, soaps, metal soaps, glycerin, glycol, polyglycol, alcohols, polyalcohols, fatty-acid and/or modified fatty acid derivatives.

32. Soaps like "Neighbours" are pure entertainment and there is nothing wrong with that.

33. 9 Soaps Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Gift Sets, Bathroom Accessories.

34. Soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, cotton wool, wet wipes, all for baby care

35. At sufficiently high temperatures and alkalinity, fatty esters may be hydrolyzed to produce soaps.

36. 07 06 // wastes from the MFSU of fats, grease, soaps, detergents, disinfectants and cosmetics

37. Soaps and Detergents Specialty Cleaners Alkaline Saponification Direct Saponification Blending And Mixing Soap Packaging

38. Most soaps are based on wealthy characters living the high life in big cities.

39. We want to buy Soaps, Medicines (Anti Biotics ), Electronic Items:- Telephones, Mobilephones, Agriculture Chemical.

40. The addition of soaps instead of having an antagonistic effect, re-inforces aluminium arsenates.

41. Even Hallmark is selling bath gels and scented soaps with their cards, for goodness' sakes.

42. This company produced soaps and cosmetics from surplus chemicals stocks left over from the war.

43. New syndet soaps contain alkyl and/or alkenyl oligoglycosides as surfactants and starch as builder.

44. Avoid using antiseptics, perfumed soaps or talc in the vaginal area, and don't use vaginal deodorants.

45. Hand-crafted soaps and bath salts from the Dead Sea offer timeless moments of sensual delights.

46. Painfully she wallows down on her knees and without diffidence soaps and rinses me all over.

47. Last week, I asked readers to nominate which character they would vote out of the soaps.

48. Soaps, creams, lotions, shampoos, cosmetic serums, moisturising masks, impregated wipes, essential oils, foam bath, perfumery, fragrances

49. The addition of soaps deteriorates or breaks the emulsions in all cases, but with aluminium arsenate.

50. Soaps, Perfumery, Essential oils, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Cosmetics, Toilet water, Eau de perfume, Eau de toilet, Aftershave