society in English

the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
drugs, crime, and other dangers to society
synonyms: the communitythe (general) publicthe peoplethe population civilization humankind mankind humanity
an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.
the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
the situation of being in the company of other people.
she shunned the society of others

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1. At present, the Chinese society is transforming from the consubstantial oneness society to multiplex society.

2. Harmonious society is the configuration with socialistic mature society.

3. Join society.

4. The traditional or segmental society is contrasted with the modern society.

5. In Dunker's society.

6. Harmonious society " is the society with social compatible and accrete natural resources."

7. Civil society is the result of power play between state and society.

8. The American Cancer Society and the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists also were involved.

9. The Alzheimer Society 2008:

10. Society phobia similar illness.

11. Morgan' masterpiece: Ancient Society.

12. Think SECRET SOCIETY shit.

13. A Classless Society—How?

14. That's an etiolated society.

15. the Brighton Building Society.

16. Committeeman of Identification Committee Chinese Society of Relics, Member of Chinese Society of Archeology.

17. Modern Chan Society ; Amitabha Buddha Recitation Society; religious movements; sect ; charisma; tension; Li Yuansong.

18. Moreover, this archetype reflects the history that the paternal society replaced the matriarchal society.

19. Early in human society, our society is divided into matrilineal and patrilineal clan clan.

20. The Medau Society remains a caring Society and is justifiably proud of its standards.

21. To merely televise governmental proceedings will not affect society unless society watches these events.

22. The rising of civil society demand that the bourn of state and society is more clear and the society is endowed with more independence.

23. Western man will either choose a new society or a new society will abolish him.”

24. Our business tenet: redound upon the society, benefit employees and create wealth for the society.


26. They move in high society.

27. The American Cancer Society and the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists [ on Collagists ] also were involved.

28. Popper interpreted the idea of his open society on the basis of criticizing closed society.

29. Society prepared me for that.

30. He's a menace to society.

31. Is Western society going downhill?

32. Strangely civil society is quiet.

33. Rugged individualism forged America'sfrontier society.

34. Feudal society was rigidly stratified.

35. Obesity as problem for society.


37. science, information society and space;

38. Ancient Egyptian society was polytheistic.

39. He often expressed his conviction that a closed society is an anachronism in a global society.

40. Such phenomenon, is difficult to transfer in autarchy society, but has chances in a democratic society.

41. From time immemorial, a harmonious society is the society that people pursue and look forward to.

42. In a matriarchy society people must have different conceptions of woman than in a patriarchy society.

43. Feudal society replaced slavery society, capitalism supplanted feudalism , and, after a, socialism will necessarily supercede capitalism.

44. 13 Red Cross Society of China is an important part of the International Red Cross Society.

45. The point is that behind the lines, the norms and the institutions, the fabric that, of American society, Western European society, the Canadian society were becoming undone.

46. 16 There were particularities as well as commonalities of human society for Manchu of the Ming Dynasty in the transition from the clannish society to the civilized society.

47. With the rise of the network society, our society will experience tremendous vibration and world-shaking innovation.

48. The Society boasts 3000 members worldwide.

49. 12 Racism runs right through society.

50. The Debating Society meets on Fridays.