sportsmen in English

a man who takes part in a sport, especially as a professional.
An athlete and sportsman , he played football (as a goalkeeper), skied and was an avid theatregoer, at one time he even considered becoming an actor.

Use "sportsmen" in a sentence

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1. He's one of those sportsmen who reinvent themselves as TV presenters.

2. With absolute top-series products for young and old, sportsmen, fitnessfanatic, etc.

3. Today it is sometimes visited by sportsmen in search of wild goats.

4. They were more akin to circus performers than to more conventional professional sportsmen.

5. Sportsmen stay in their cars and wait for the wind to tail away.

6. His salary is nothing compared to the mind-boggling figures earned by some sportsmen.

7. Sportsmen use the action replay to analyse their actions and look for performance improvements.

8. 13 Our school won the athletic sports because we have so many good sportsmen.

9. 14 Sportsmen, journalists, newspaper photographers and local political figures were among the many walking in the cortege.

10. Barcelona, the Costa Brava, and the Costa Dorada is a paradise for sportsmen and adventuresome people.

11. In order to train the startup of rotation of eurythmics sportsmen, the training equipment was developed.

12. Until this point, sportsmen and woman were believed to be largely insulated from the region's extremism.

13. Many sportsmen and women consider random drug-testing to be an unwarranted invasion of their privacy.

14. Their sportsmen like Johnny Miller or Billy Casper give 20 percent or more of their earnings to the church.

15. It is little wonder that this figure cast what almost amounted to a spell over aspiring black sportsmen.

16. We have been reminded that sportsmen and sportswomen are not commodities, that they are not goods and chattels.

17. The tendency to categorize black sportsmen and women differently from the rest is faintly racist and, I believe, totally unnecessary.

18. Even though not all the results of chiropractic adjustment are this dramatic, many sportsmen and women have benefited from chiropractic treatment.

19. It should also be understood that black sportsmen work sedulously at perpetuating their popular image of being relaxed at all times.

20. Do you think it is rational that sportsmen get high salary? What do you think of sports stars earning money through commercial advertising?

21. 11) In this grand event, only the sportsmen and sportswoman have the main role. The exhibition of their performances is the substance of the Olympics.

22. Yet it seems acceptable for sporting events and sportsmen and women to take the rap, and their careers be sacrificed, over something that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

23. That time a few British sportsmen will win gold, mostly in sports with a high technical content where we outspent the rest of the world, like yachting and cycling.

24. The city leaders held a banquet in honor of the sportsmen who had won glory for our nation, and among them was the outstanding track-and-field athlete from our county.

25. There was considerable sentimental attachment toward Aboriginal sportsmen and women, and indeed toward Australia’s indigenous people generally – apparent in the outpouring of emotion, remarked worldwide, that accompanied Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s moving “Apology to the Stolen Generation” in 2008.