spray gun in English

a device resembling a gun that is used to spray a liquid such as paint or pesticide under pressure.
As an old meatworker, I think I could do a better job than that, with a bit of masking paint and a spray gun .

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1. Air valve for spray gun

2. The way to your spray gun!

3. The working principles, characteristics and process parameters of single head air spray gun, air electrostatic spray gun and high-speed rotated cup type electrostatic spray gun were introduced.

4. Spray gun with air pressure display

5. Cooling pump and washing spray gun.

6. Airless spray gun having overhead valve and removable head

7. Liquid spray gun with manually rotatable frictionally retained air cap

8. Circuit board configuration for air- powered electrostatically aided spray gun

9. Modular fluid spray gun for air assisted and airless atomization

10. Spraying: Use an airless spray gun with a variable jet nozzle.

11. Spray gun and its set, air nailer, packing machine , airdrill, abraderandspanner, etc.

12. A spray gun - water pump linked circuit is designed for easier operation.

13. Liquid spray gun with non-circular horn air outlet passageways and apertures

14. With the spray gun feeding tube connected to the rotation, easy to handle.

15. Objective To evaluate the clinical feasure and its treatment after injury by spray gun.

16. Do not clean the waterborne lacquer of spray gun with the oily lacquer cleaner.

17. T type tube and mouth instrument and a spray gun to join to finish.

18. The invention provides a supersonic reactive plasma spray gun, belonging to the welding field.

19. A clear glaze is applied with spray gun – formerly by spray can and strong lungs.

20. Factory main products include: power tools spray gun series, the series of gun parts suppliers.

21. BSP - 1 flame spray gun ( implement type ) and thermal spray plastic powder is experimentally studied.

22. Import professional spray gun, small size, easy to install. Width adjustable, mist evenly and cost savings.

23. Take atomization generator and fix it with seal rings then press gently into the spray gun.

24. Intermittant squeezing and releasing of a spray gun trigger . Can cause surging in the powder equipment.

25. Control the spray gun bolt after finishing painting, put the special watering pot on the ground.

26. It designed the power plasma spray gun to meet the requirement for power of plasma spray.

27. The invention provides a supersonic reactive plasma spray gun(sentencedict .com), belonging to the welding field.

28. Action brought on 22 September 2017 — Sata v EUIPO — Zhejiang Auarita Pneumatic Tools (Spray gun for paint)

29. The coating formulation was successfully sprayed onto a medium-density fibreboard using an air-assisted spray gun.

30. Shotcrete is a mixture of portland cement, aggregate, and water conveyed by compressed air to a spray gun.

31. The spray gun (10) is connected to a source of pressurized air and a source of spray materials.

32. The spray gun trigger is equipped with a compressed air setting for blowing pipe or hose interiors dry after rinsing.

33. Air cap, arrangement comprising a retaining ring and an air cap, and a paint directing device for a paint spray gun

34. Our main products are robotic, disc bell, air EST gun, powder spray gun, air gun, gluing system, reciprocator, CCPPS, solvent distiller, and thickness gauge.

35. A direct current plasma spray gun was designed in which separation sections were set between anode and cathode to restrict the large-scale diffluence of arc.

36. This article introduce a new method to make the latent fingerprints emerge by using the iodine heat-sublimating spray-gun heated by a sort of quartz lamp.

37. Zhejiang Zhongjie tool Co. , Ltd. founded in 19 specialized in the researching, producing and selling of air nail gun, air hose, air spray gun and other air- operated tools.