spraying in English

apply (liquid) to someone or something in the form of a shower of tiny drops.
the product can be sprayed onto wet or dry hair

Use "spraying" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "spraying" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "spraying", or refer to the context using the word "spraying" in the English Dictionary.

1. Thermal spraying?

2. I tried spraying.

3. Compressors, pumps, grinders, milling cutters, beaters, paint-spraying and lacquer-spraying apparatus

4. Riveting machines, paint spraying machines

5. Airless spraying apparatus and method

6. Air brushes (paint spraying guns)

7. 7 He is spraying insecticide.

8. 9 He is spraying insecticide.

9. Vertical spraying trolley is a special machine for spraying of different bearings with even coating layers.

10. The main purpose : Primer Spraying Machine is the accessorial equipment in hot melt spraying construction.

11. Aerial photography enables efficient tree spraying

12. Pressure accumulator−type liquid spraying device

13. Guns for compressed air spraying machines

14. Cats mark their territory by spraying.

15. Methods Residual spraying with ULV sprayer.

16. Robotic guns for compressed air spraying machines

17. Shotcrete : or gunite , Concrete applied by spraying.

18. Compressors (machines), pumps (machines), trueing machines, milling cutters (machines), beaters (electric), paint-spraying and lacquer-spraying apparatus

19. Finally, the cross-flow fan spraying delivery system in the birdhouse spraying sanitization of the system design.

20. They're spraying DDT. to kill the insects.

21. 2 Cats mark their territory by spraying.

22. Spot spraying with a herbicide may work.

23. Powder lacquers for coating glass and metals using the fluidised bed sintering process, flame spraying and electrostatic spraying

24. The house is regularly spraying with DDT.

25. 3 The house is regularly spraying with DDT.

26. Spraying luminol on the traces makes them visible.

27. The insects can be exterminated by spraying DDT.

28. The washing liquor includes used spraying solution from step (3). The spraying solution has an alkali content of at least 0.8 % by weight.

29. With this spraying and bombing, so many have died.

30. 10 Spot spraying with a herbicide may work.

31. Applications of auxiliary processes, in terms of abrading, polishing, wax finishing, sealant coating, paint spraying, wax spraying and et al, in coating automobiles are reviewed.

32. After thinning, use 120 mesh strainer for filtration before spraying.

33. The research supplied theoretical way to confect electrostatic spraying preparation.

34. 1 The pipe burst and water was spraying everywhere.

35. In addition, there are many other companies involved in the use of PPPs (e.g. manufacturers of spraying equipment, service companies for aerial spraying and others).

36. 5 inch oil pipe. With the help of spraying sand device and self-retrieval technique, it designs spraying sand line of interior walls of steel pipe.

37. High organic solvent paints (solvent content of w-% 65) with high application efficiency technique (rolling, flooding, electrostatically assisted spraying, airless spraying) and good housekeeping

38. They're also prepared to do the ground spraying on short notice.

39. Combined with spraying roller, overflow tank, beans absorber, rotating water segregator.

40. Safety code for painting- Safety for electrostatic powder spraying process.

41. Use # 1 – Manual or automated dipping, foaming or spraying before milking

42. Some people exterminate garden insects by spraying poison on the plants.

43. Brine spraying equipment will be installed on all salt spreaders.

44. A bunch of shirtless firefighters... spraying zombies with their hoses?

45. Photo machine output medium for paper PP adhesive spraying maps.

46. Happiness is often misty, spraying us the life - giving rain abstemiously.

47. Adjustably mounted spraying nozzle for windshield washer fluid of a motor vehicle

48. Aluminum coating on AZ 91 magnesium alloy was deposited by arc spraying.

49. 21 It'satisfies the spraying robot's function requirement and has practical worthiness. "

50. Spraying: Use an airless spray gun with a variable jet nozzle.