sprays in English

liquid that is blown or driven through the air in the form of tiny drops.
a torrent of white foam and spray
a stem or small branch of a tree or plant, bearing flowers and foliage.
a spray of honeysuckle
synonyms: sprig twig
apply (liquid) to someone or something in the form of a shower of tiny drops.
the product can be sprayed onto wet or dry hair

Use "sprays" in a sentence

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1. Use pump sprays instead of aerosol sprays.

2. aerosol sprays ( virtually any aerosol may be used ; hair sprays and pain - relieving sprays are common ) ;

3. Aerosol sprays ( like hairspray or pain - relieving sprays ) .


5. Leak detector sprays

6. Most farmers use pesticide sprays.

7. Sprays can sting sensitive skin.

8. Some gardeners control black rot with sulfur sprays.

9. 20 Do not use any insecticide sprays in the house, or pesticide sprays in the garden.

10. The other sprays hideous zippleback gas.

11. It's still in some antiseptic throat sprays.

12. A supernova sprays space with many different elements.

13. Not to be used in aerosol dispensers (sprays)

14. Have you been testing any tanning creams or sprays?

15. Aerosol sprays, aerosol containers of metal sold empty, Containers of metal

16. Anti-slip sprays and coatings in the nature of paints

17. Sprays, nozzles, hose holders, adjustable tubes, filters for detection composites.

18. Will this work to reduce insecticide sprays in Bangladesh?

19. Acrylic paint sprays, spray varnishes and lacquers for sealing and fixing

20. It sprays evenly over the hair using a pump or aerosol spray nozzle.

21. Dust particles removed from an air stream by water jet sprays.

22. Examples of pressurized containers are aerosol containers and metallic pumps or sprays.

23. Paints and lacquers in aerosol sprays, only for use in monitoring spraying

24. Urea is commonly used as the source of nitrogen in foliage sprays.

25. Aerosol sprays and parts therefor such as aerosol heads and aerosol valves

26. She shakes a can of spray paint, and sprays a smiling face on the camera.

27. Decongestant sprays and pills may reduce the swelling in your nasal passages.

28. Best bets are pain killers like acetaminophen, hot drinks and decongestant sprays, says Prof.

29. Anti-slip sprays and coatings in the nature of paints for floor panels, steps and ramps

30. But decongestant sprays or drops can worsen congestion if used more than two or three days.

31. Make a habit of wiping down your doorknob frequently with sanitizing wipes or sprays .

32. • Use air-friendly products - avoid using aerosol sprays and cleaners and oil-based paints.

33. Despite these problems, excessive use of sprays can be avoided by monitoring crops for pests or damage.

34. We are exposed to chemicals everywhere, in oven cleaners, detergents, patent medicines, hair sprays-everywhere.

35. Additional , postharvest Alternaria rot , caused by Alternaria alternata , was inhibited in pears by ASM sprays.

36. Methods and apparatus for obtaining wider sprays when spraying liquids by airless spray techniques

37. Contact sprays, the aforesaid goods being preservatives against rust and/or anti-rust oils

38. Use air-friendly products - avoid using aerosol sprays and cleaners and oil-based paints.

39. Usage: Evenly sprays over on your wet or dryly hairs , then make your style.

40. Swiftly the skaters circled and arced and sashayed, firing their sprays of lethal stars.

41. Does this mean that household cleaners, aerosol sprays, room deodorants and pesticides should not be used?

42. METHODS:The nasal sprays was prepared by taking ofloxacin, ketotifen fumarate and ephedrine hydrochloride as main components.

43. Aerosol sprays for medical purposes and parts therefor such as aerosol heads and aerosol valves

44. Turn up the tap, and it abruptly sprays out in a chaotic ( but describable ) torrent.

45. Irrigation products, namely, sprinklers, sprays, rotors, controllers, controller accessories, valves, fittings, nozzles and pump start relays

46. The bootee of roses sat at its foot, towered over by tall wreaths3 and sprays.

47. The leaves are small sprays of silverweed, interspersed with little stems of forget-me-not.

48. The room was filled with fine sprays of blood until he got it sewed up.

49. With the wisdom of hindsight we now know that the old-fashioned aerosol sprays were a mistake.

50. Linc piles aerosol - stuffed TP rolls into the mini - fridge, then sprays them down with air freshener.