spreader in English

a device used for spreading or scattering a substance over a wide area.
They mix them with soil and distribute them with a device similar to a fertilizer spreader .

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1. Spreader

2. Spreader.

3. Spreader roll

4. Aggregate Spreader

5. Aggregate spreader

6. Rib spreader.

7. Split flow gate for spreader

8. Our products spreader and spreader to the Occident, southeast of Asia and so on.

9. Spreader tip for a rescue tool

10. Combine harvester having spreader for crop residues

11. He used his knife as a spreader.

12. Combined bone cutting guide and spreader device

13. Do not slide the spreader across the film.

14. Bicarbonate fungicide compositions containing spreader-sticker and film-forming ingredients

15. Before collision the spreader may move along only one coordinate axis. lt is possible for the spreader to move along two or three coordinate axes simultaneously.

16. An alternative strategy is to spread out the initial 100 μl potato pellet aliquot onto a first agar plate with a spreader and then remove the spreader to a second agar plate, streaking out any residue left on the spreader; finally repeat this with a third plate, thus giving a dilution plating effect via the spreader.

17. Aircraft engine attachment pylon with a four-point articulated spreader beam

18. Tea saponin could be used as synergist, spreader in emulsion pesticide.

19. The value includes lifting hook , spreader, the value of the load.

20. This heat spreader includes a first layer of an allotrope of carbon.

21. All salt spreading trucks will be equipped with Electronic Spreader Controls (ESC).

22. The adjustable tip assembly includes a finger (4), wedge (32) and spreader (34).

23. Several methods and soot are discussed for spreader stoker boiler in this paper.

24. Now take your rib spreader, crack open he sternum allowing access to the heart.

25. Result of measurement indicates noise of the spreader measure up to the national standard.

26. It is widely used on sower, manure spreader, post hole digger and spray pump equipments.

27. This high-end spreader is suitable for use in both soil stabilization and cold recycling.

28. Derricks, steering gear, generators, spreader beams, automatic machines for the manufacture of goods and materials

29. The container holding the solidifiable paste and the spreader are movable relative to one another.

30. Principle of blown film die with spiral spreader and factors affecting its properties are introduced.

31. It also eliminated the spreader bar arrangement of the undercarriage and revised the vertical tail shape.

32. With part of their periphery, the spreader rollers engage between the discs of each depilatory unit.

33. Pasta processing plants — Spreader, stripping and cutting machine, stick return conveyor, stick magazine — Safety and hygiene requirements

34. Two lines from the spreader bar attach to the truss to move the truss using a crane.

35. Heat can help here too 5 Use a comb spreader to apply fresh adhesive to the floor.

36. 8 TheASTM rankings for bituminous coal , sub - bituminous coal, or lignite fit the spreader combustion process well.

37. Several methods of reducing fly ash and soot are discussed for spreader stoker boiler in this paper.

38. Methods for generating a substantially uniform field of emission include introducing light into such a spreader array.

39. • Aggregate material should be distributed evenly from a moving truck spreader box or a powered spreading machine.

40. Aggregate material should be distributed evenly from a moving truck spreader box or a powered spreading machine.

41. Opening of the osteotomy with a spreader according to the new leg axis of the preoperative planning.

42. Lower sidewall portions (18, 20) of a vehicle tire (10) are spread apart by a spreader tool (28).

43. Tapered shaft hubs and elements thereof, namely wedges, cones, bolts, spreader rings, tension rings, cotter pins, threaded bolts

44. Within the body is a spreader layer configured to evenly spread the fluid sample received through the port.

45. The heat spreader precursor (20) may accommodate one such group or multiple groups along the package strip (10).

46. The Laundry Attendant is to operate, correctly and properly, the flatwork ironers, sheet spreader and other equipment in the Laundry Department.

47. A material spreader is provided, suitable for distributing aggregative materials such as concrete or crushed rock over an area of ground.

48. Second, the spreader stoker is a size classifier of the fuel and the coarser fuel is fed to the rear requiring more time to burn.

49. Several methods of reducing fly ash and soot are discussed for spreader stoker boiler in this paper. The engineering application effects show that these methods are valid.

50. Because there is a wide range of size and burning characteristics for the many fuels burned on a spreader stoker, the portion of the energy released in suspension varies.