spreaders in English

a device used for spreading or scattering a substance over a wide area.
They mix them with soil and distribute them with a device similar to a fertilizer spreader .

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "spreaders" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "spreaders", or refer to the context using the word "spreaders" in the English Dictionary.

1. Gas-fired heat spreaders

2. Precision choppers (machines), manure spreaders (machines)

3. Agricultural machinery — Manure spreaders — Safety

4. Hand-operated manure spreaders

5. Manure spreaders [tractor towed agricultural implements]

6. Harmon, go back and get the spreaders.

7. Cranes — Requirements for container handling spreaders

8. Spreaders with moving bases (parts of agricultural machines)

9. Rental of pipelines and spreaders for concrete

10. Repair or maintenance of stationary anti-freezing agent spreaders

11. Winter service superstructures, namely for snow ploughs and salt spreaders

12. Manure spreaders and fertiliser distributors (excluding for mineral or chemical fertilisers)

13. Brine spraying equipment will be installed on all salt spreaders.

14. Accessories for the aforesaid including gas lances, removable spreaders, heater cartridges and cutting knives

15. A fractional rig is set on a Proctor spar with swept-back spreaders.

16. The latter has been adopted by Horstine Farmery to bring automated variable rate application to its range of pneumatic spreaders.

17. 18 They are bringing sniffer dogs, fibre - optic scopes, life - detector systems and hydraulic cutters and spreaders.

18. 19) The latter has been adopted by Horstine Farmery to bring automated variable rate application to its range of pneumatic spreaders.

19. Hand tools, namely, adjustable wrenches, chain wrenches, spreaders, spanner wrenchers, pry bars, jimmy bars, reversible ratchet sets, thread chasers, gear shaft and bearing pullers

20. Turf and yard care machines, namely, aeration core harvesters, debris blowers, sprayers, spreaders, seeders, ground grooming machines, shrubbery movers and top dressing machines, and structural parts therefor

21. Hand tools and implements (hand-operated), cutlery, rubber-handled pliers, lifting jacks, spanners and wrenches, pullers for bearings, bushings, spring elements, pin punches, hand-operated presses, circlip pliers, locks for immobilising vehicle parts and components during repair and installation, adjustable instruments and tools, installation bars, spreaders, handles for suspending or supporting assembled units and components, tools for servicing and repairing motor vehicles