spreading in English

open out (something) so as to extend its surface area, width, or length.
I spread a towel on the sand and sat down
synonyms: lay out open out unfurl unroll roll out straighten out fan out stretch out extend outspread
extend over a large or increasing area.
she stood at the window looking at the town spread out below
apply (a substance) to an object or surface in an even layer.
he sighed, spreading jam on a croissant
lay (a table) for a meal.
On November 25, 2003, we sat down with family and friends around a table spread with food we grew and said thanks.

Use "spreading" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "spreading" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "spreading", or refer to the context using the word "spreading" in the English Dictionary.

1. It's spreading virally.

2. Riots are spreading.

3. They're spreading it deliberately.

4. Kill them for spreading lies.

5. Spreading Bible Truth in Portugal

6. The disease is spreading fast.

7. Aggregate and binder spreading machine

8. Or perhaps the fear spreading plagueabout the nuclear meltdown in Japan slowly spreading globally?

9. He loves spreading alarm and despondency.

10. They're spreading out in the market.

11. Aerial spreading of agricultural chemicals

12. Allocation of block spreading sequences

13. Venereal disease is spreading rapidly.

14. 12:2) (2) Pervasive: The spreading of the leaven stands for the spreading of the Kingdom message.

15. Rain is spreading from the west.

16. He is busy spreading floor wax.

17. That 's really spreading holiday cheer !

18. Kuru was spreading like a plague.

19. “It keeps growing and spreading,” he says.

20. Canadian convicted of murders for spreading HIV

21. Sneezes are devastatingly effective at spreading infection.

22. Andy loves spreading rumours about his colleagues.

23. Executive share option schemes are also spreading.

24. Darkly dense roar the spreading clouds

25. Panic is spreading throughout the city.

26. Businessmen are also spreading into the city.

27. Don't blacken my name by spreading rumors.

28. The disease is spreading with alarming rapidity.

29. You many consider spreading the work load.

30. Gas gangrene spreading to the bone marrow.

31. Discontent among junior ranks was rapidly spreading.

32. Religious fundamentalism was spreading in the region.

33. Spreading rumors of ghosts and witchcraft, death penalty!

34. Washing your hands can stop bacteria from spreading .

35. We have to discover how this is spreading.

36. They tried to freeze the gangrene from spreading.

37. Be careful. This computer virus is spreading rapidly.

38. 2 Spreading eroticism, bawdry or other illegal information.

39. They want to stop the disease spreading.

40. Don't blacken my name by spreading rumours.

41. Spreading eroticism, bawdry or other illegal information.

42. Political turbulence is spreading throughout the country.

43. Cities such as Tokyo are spreading out.

44. We have an infection spreading in the hospital.

45. It's the end of spreading your Legs, whore!

46. Someone has been spreading malicious gossip about me.

47. Flowers nodding , campanulate or spreading , 3-8cm across .

48. It is worthy of spreading to clinical application.

49. 5 Discontent among junior ranks was rapidly spreading.

50. 13 How much is evoked by spreading stain!