spreadsheets in English

an electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.
we have a color-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses

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1. Using spreadsheets requires minimal training.

2. All tables and rates were developed in Excel spreadsheets.

3. Read more about how to edit prices in spreadsheets.

4. Spreadsheets track allocations for approved projects, contracted projects, and payments made.

5. Spreadsheets were spread sheets of paper, and they calculated by hand.

6. With a bit of extra work, you can also produce nice-looking spreadsheets.

7. When it comes to disk storage capacity spreadsheets don't normally take much space.

8. 25 You can set the default sorting order of the spreadsheets in your workspace.

9. Software packages commonly used by budget analysts include electronic spreadsheets and database and graphics software.

10. Pupils will also be introduced to spreadsheets, databases, electronic mail and electronic banking.

11. If you'd like to add or edit multiple books at a time, consider using spreadsheets.

12. Spreadsheets have typically adopted these commands in order to gain some foothold in the market.

13. These can include Accounts Payable and Receivable spreadsheets for GST and wages returns for DED.

14. WordPerfect Corporation offers a host of other software products, including spreadsheets, graphics, databases, and office automation.

15. Spreadsheets and general ledger systems alone can not accommodate the information needs of all managers and executives.

16. It will be useful for processor hungry applications - spreadsheets, graphics applications, and multitasking spring readily to mind.

17. With Pocket Excel on the same handheld, he can access other records that he currently keeps on spreadsheets.

18. Most current spreadsheets use the A1 style, some providing the R1C1 style as a compatibility option.

19. She did sign the legislation, but the result is a clunky collection of spreadsheets and PDFs.

20. Design, adaptation and transformation of spreadsheets and parts of the existing aggregated database according to given specifications; - B.

21. Examples of non - DBMS data sources include information in file systems, e - mail , spreadsheets, and project management tools.

22. As a result, very few software companies developed Windows spreadsheets and the field was left clear for Microsoft's Excel.

23. Categories include word processing, spreadsheets, accounts packages, databases, utilities, graphics and communications as well as educational software and games.

24. And intriguingly, it is the BPM vendors themselves who are pushing spreadsheets back up to the coalface of finance.

25. Underwriters previously used a laborious manual system to assess risk, cross-referencing data from maps, spreadsheets and technical data.

26. AutoPlan/AutoTab was not a WYSIWYG interactive spreadsheet program, it was a simple scripting language for spreadsheets.

27. Use of spreadsheets is an essential part of the day - to - day work of the Management Accountant.

28. Whether the market is ABACUS compatible spreadsheets depends on the extent and importance of network effects and switching costs.

29. The easiest way I can describe it is imagine the blocks as spreadsheets, and they are filled with assets.

30. 17 And intriguingly, it is the BPM vendors themselves who are pushing spreadsheets back up to the coalface of finance.

31. Things get worse when you spend a lot of time with text-intensive programs such as word processors or spreadsheets.

32. Both situations have resulted in duplicate spreadsheets being created in order to accurately and rapidly record and track expenditures.

33. Spreadsheets The spreadsheet was the "killer application" that had so many businesses lining up to buy a personal computer.

34. Simple statistical analysis of the spreadsheets resulted in totals and percentages of responses to each question for each practice.

35. It has raw log, tabulated data, and graph views, and can save data to jpeg or .csv files (for export to spreadsheets).

36. Furthermore, using the nmon analyzer, you can download information into spreadsheets and compile nice-looking charts that senior management likes to see.

37. Its features include laying out drawings precisely with alignment guides, snap to grid, auto distribution, and inserting drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations.

38. 10 Currently, many business users spend too much time collecting, combining, consolidating, and distributing data when they use spreadsheets as their primary information distribution system.

39. I made detailed spreadsheets of all the power brokers in the communities, who I needed to meet, where I needed to be, and I threw myself with gusto in these communities.

40. The advanced feed features are a set of tools that allow you to build a feed within Merchant Center based on raw product data from various sources, such as your website or existing spreadsheets.