spree in English

a spell or sustained period of unrestrained activity of a particular kind.
he went on a six-month crime spree
take part in a spree.

Use "spree" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "spree" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "spree", or refer to the context using the word "spree" in the English Dictionary.

1. He's out on a spree.

2. Let's go on a shopping spree.

3. This is my first shopping spree.

4. He's gone on a drinking spree.

5. They went on a drinking spree .

6. She's out on a mad spending spree.

7. Jesse is not on some killing spree.

8. This could be the beginning of a spree.

9. Uruguay's scoring spree began in the fourth minute.

10. Gold Cup punter found dead after drinking spree.

11. Spree killings in a confined area are a race.

12. 12 Uruguay's scoring spree began in the fourth minute.

13. It appears the spending spree will continue into 20

14. Ian Woodner's wholesale spending spree ended with his death.

15. This bull market bears no relation to that gambling spree.

16. I went on a drinking/shopping/spending spree on Saturday.

17. Columbia's recent spending spree has partly been paid for by Sony.

18. She won £10 000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.

19. They murdered fifteen boys in a killing spree across southern California.

20. 13 I went on a drinking/shopping/spending spree on Saturday.

21. Analysts, though, generally say favourable things about Mr Lafley's spending spree.

22. The risks lie in the effectiveness and efficiency of a spending spree.

23. He then went on a buying spree abroad, chiefly in Eastern Europe.

24. After the rescue, profits returned and Citi went on a buying spree.

25. 7 They murdered fifteen boys in a killing spree across southern California.

26. More controversial than Woody Allen on a shopping spree in children's world.

27. After her shoplifting spree she lived in mortal dread of being found out.

28. It was her pay day last Friday. Jenny went on a shopping spree.

29. Some stores were bright on reports of an eleventh-hour Christmas buying spree.

30. A book about Leigh Emerson and his crime spree after he escaped from Briarcliff.

31. Some Americans went on a spending spree in December to beat the new tax.

32. At the same time, sellers are wondering how long this buying spree will last.

33. They stole thousands of pounds' worth of goods in a two-day shoplifting spree.

34. 8 In response , the RBI has been on a rate - hike spree since January.

35. Spending Spree: Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin can splash out with their ? 20 m.

36. I went on a drinking spree and also bought drinks for my drinking companions.

37. Calling themselves the Nixons the group is committing a spree of violent armed holdups

38. The boys went on a two-day spending spree with the stolen credit cards.

39. I went on a shopping spree at the weekend and spent far too much money.

40. In the national betting holiday just past, teen-agers were full players in the spree.

41. Here he is with his hands full after a buying spree in a corner shop.

42. But the thief won't be able to use the stolen cards on a spending spree.

43. Many commentators complain that China's capital - spending spree last year has merely exacerbated its industrial overcapacity.

44. Continuously rising gold prices have sparked a buying spree among individual investors throughout China this year.

45. Their spree of corporate takeovers is, for the most part, wildly ill-advised and poorly executed.

46. L . A . ' s Thwarted Terror Spree The Armanious Family Massacre Terror & Denial ( by Hadayat at LAX )

47. Nelson, who scored five points during the run, closed the Gators' scoring spree with an inside basket.

48. Passersby, the text says, were annoyed by the ruckus and thought a drinking spree was under way.

49. Twenty people were shot dead in the city making it the worst killing spree since the riots.

50. Cash - rich Chinese companies are on a buying spree again, hoping to advantage of low asset prices.