spring break in English

a week's vacation for students in the spring, typically at Easter.
Here in Florida, college students have arrived for spring break .

Use "spring break" in a sentence

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1. Have a great Spring Break!

2. The spring break is in April.

3. We're longing for the coming spring break.

4. It was like a spring break kickoff rave.

5. Nano - imprint lithography drum paper teeth spring break.

6. What are you doing over the spring break?

7. Scott: I can't believe spring break is already over.

8. Have you finalized your plans for spring break yet?

9. Florida is a mecca for students during spring break.

10. Most American colleges and universities take a spring break.

11. Hawkins'most memorable road trip took place over spring break.

12. Spring break will be here before you know it.

13. Californian and Florida remain popular hot spots for spring break.

14. Cancun is famous for spring break, tequila and foam parties.

15. He hopes to finish his term paper completely before spring break.

16. An oral System Concept Review will be presented before spring break.

17. Most the American college colleges and universities take a spring break.

18. Two friends and I drove to Florida during college spring break.

19. Most Amarican colleges American colleges and universities take a spring break.

20. Our spring break is from 2 nd April to 16 th April.

21. Spring break of my junior year at Princeton, we had a fling.

22. The other winter break and the spring break are both one week.

23. She looked up at the calendar and moaned: it was Spring Break.

24. Two - thirds of the women surveyed had never even been on spring break.

25. Wait a minute. Is she going for spring vacation or spring break? Wahoo!

26. "Photographer Date Rapist," "Shirtless Date Rapist" from the award-winning "Spring Break Shark Attack."

27. Someone's bringing a shit-ton of that stuff down to Puerto, Mexico, for spring break.

28. The beach community tightened law enforcement, signaling that college students weren't welcome during spring break.

29. Daytona Beach is preparing for the thousands of college students who will arrive for spring break.

30. You see so many faces During the spring break, Pretty soon they all Start to blur.

31. Instead, his cheerleading coach said, he chose to spend his spring break on a cruise ship.

32. 3 The beach community tightened law enforcement, signaling that college students weren't welcome during spring break.

33. We had this trip planned to China for Kim's spring break... as a family, to try and work things out.

34. I met them only once right before spring break and ironically at the very close of my relationship with Rudy.

35. For a while the conditions are so propitious that by spring break I have a rough draft of my book.

36. Because there are lots of us for whom repeated stress leading to irreparable metal fatigue to a spiral coil is spring break.

37. Dirty Grandpa is a 2016 American comedy/coming of age film about a lawyer who drives his grandfather to Florida during spring break.

38. His stepbrother, a fifth-grader, "seemed older" at spring break, "almost in that age where he kind of wants guidance, like a big brother," Sannes said.

39. Miller and other museum officials said spring break, along with special events like the NCAA basketball tournament in Tucson, Ariz., are contributing to increased foot traffic.

40. Well, that's too bad because Lily made a bunch of phone calls that bounced off a cell tower there, and something tells me she's not making plans for her spring break.

41. But I know that he's prone to dry throat because I was there for his emergency adenoid surgery during spring break, and try finding a doctor who does anything but breast implants in Tampa.