spring tide in English

a tide just after a new or full moon, when there is the greatest difference between high and low water.
If we get low pressure, a west wind and a spring tide the flooding will occur again,’ he said.

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1. However, today the economy of billowy reforms spring tide in.

2. The spring tide suspended sediment concentration is bigger than that of the neap tide.

3. The simulated hypoxia phenomena develop during the neap tide and disappear during the spring tide .

4. Flood and ebb accelerating currents had higher mean velocities than the decelerating counterparts at spring tide.

5. They were helped by a Spring tide which caused extensive flooding and rendered all the fords impassable.

6. The observation data show that the spring tide current and its variations are much larger than those of the neap tide.

7. The parameters such as the sea area at spring tide time, the area of tidal zone, and the accumulated current flux are obtained.

8. They face the market economy with increasingly intense competition billowy spring tide, convert total plant this " aircraft carrier " fight for a certain number of independence " escadrille " ...