spring training in English

the preseason period, especially in February and March, when baseball players prepare for the upcoming season.
After thirty grueling days of spring training the players are glad to get the season started.

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1. You know, spring training.

2. The team starts spring training next week.

3. They played mostly trail horses during spring training.

4. George Steinbrenner at Yankee Camp during spring training in March 19

5. You know, study abroad is like spring training for this century.

6. So is Arizona winning this budding war for spring training sites?

7. Bernie Williams apparently will not attend spring training with the New York Yankees.

8. Spare us the cliched drivel of how spring training mirrors life's new beginnings.

9. A year ago, Billy Ashley entered spring training as the Dodgers' starting left fielder.

10. 26 A year ago, Billy Ashley entered spring training as the Dodgers' starting left fielder.

11. An unwelcome guest a press box at a baseball spring training game, a small snake.

12. Now in his second major-league spring training Taylor is pretty sure of his immediate future.

13. Players do not get paid during spring training according to their basic labor agreement with owners.

14. In spring training I started off good with my throwing, and then all of sudden it declined.

15. But fortunately, the spring training teams will play a few charity games to raise some needed revenue.

16. Anybody else, including newcomer Wil Cordero, must fight it out in spring training just to be his backup.

17. Already, Mark Leiter can feel the difference this spring training from the stomach-churning ordeals of years past.

18. According to his obituary, Jennings "was unable to report" to spring training in 1926 due to his condition.

19. An unwelcome guest found its way into a press box at a baseball spring training game, a small snake.

20. As spring training began, Alomar appeared to accept that spitting trumps ugly words on the bridge table of public opinion.

21. It has spent more millions on improvements to Hi Corbett Field to benefit a few weeks of spring training baseball games.

22. Going to secondary pitches was a work in progress during Spring Training for the Taiwanese right-hander, but the dress rehearsals are over.

23. The right-hander is a candidate to begin the season on the disabled list and continue rehabbing in Florida during extended spring training.

24. Weenie contestants participate in the sausage race between innings of a spring training baseball game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Seattle Mariners March in Phoenix.

25. 10 For college games, semi-pro, or spring-training Big League games, you can usually get pretty close — especially if you apply some added charm or "weight."

26. Much of what pitchers do is muscle memory as they try to repeat their delivery. That's one of the reasons spring training lasts as long as it does.

27. An unwelcome guest found its way into the press box at a baseball spring training game---a small snake. The snake was removed from the press box but not before scaring a few sports writers.