state in English

of, provided by, or concerned with the civil government of a country.
the future of state education
the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.
the state of the company's finances
express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing.
the report stated that more than 51 percent of voters failed to participate
synonyms: express voice utter put into words declare affirm assert announce make knownput across/over communicate air reveal disclose divulge proclaim present expound set out set down come out with

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "state" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "state", or refer to the context using the word "state" in the English Dictionary.

1. Salary scales vary between states/from state to state/according to state/with each state.

2. Ice is the state, water the state, and water vapor the gaseous state.

3. State Socialism advocates state control of industry.

4. The thermal equilibrium state in solid state materials is one essential mixed entangled state.

5. This concept of a state design, state interpreted and state taught religion I find absolutely repugnant

6. 14 State postulate is developed into energy state postulate.

7. 14) Warships and other State vessels enjoy State immunity and are subject to flag State jurisdiction.

8. (b) the quota allocated to each State, State-wise;

9. 2 Air quality standards vary from state to state.

10. Another state for a human task is the subtask state.

11. State Treasury notes replaced the state currency notes after 1928.

12. Why is the state of nature a state of war?

13. AI=Absolute immunity; SS=Sending State; HS=Host State; TS=Third State; FI=Functional immunity; IGO=Intergovernmental organization

14. Non-state firms gradually elbow aside the inefficient state-owned ones.

15. The mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is called the Free State.

16. Sabah state government also emphasises pre-school education in the state.

17. 10 Politburo member in 200 State Councilor, State Council committee member.

18. * state enterprise management;

19. The State does not allow religious organizations to perform State functions

20. The State of Wu always covetously eyed the State of Zhao.

21. The Great Plains state of Oklahoma is called the Sooner State.

22. Lenin insists in The State and Revolution (1917) that state monopoly capitalism should not be confused with State socialism.

23. Second, the state will continue to prop up inefficient state enterprises.

24. Member State Code

25. S. State Department.

26. The State Reorganisation Act of 1956 placed Vidarbha in Bombay State.

27. Yan ( state ) Acer ( Road ), Yan ( state ) Gold ( Mountain Shop ) road transit.

28. It transforms a state of wealth into a state of penury.

29. The midwestern state of Missouri is called the Show Me State.

30. Solid state relays, the replacement of damaged DC solid state relay.

31. State social allocations

32. The State Chairman directs the state military forces and the development of the military forces managed by the State Council.

33. An absorbing state is a state from which a system cannot escape.

34. The State Pension Insurance Act provides for four classes of State pension

35. (For actual states recorded, see Issue validation state and Instance validation state.)

36. 12) Solid state relays, the replacement of damaged DC solid state relay.

37. In 1788 , Thomas Jefferson wrote about his home state home state , Virginia.

38. State universities are looking for money from businesses to augment state funds.

39. State and Campus Networks State and campus networks link into regional networks.

40. 5 The paper points out that the concurrent process state can not determine the model state uniquely, while the model state can map to a unique concurrent process state.

41. A few towns in each state drove the state - level aggregate figures .

42. The Morgan is the state animal of Vermont and the state horse of Massachusetts and the state mammal of Rhode Island.

43. It is the responsibility of State Government concerned to provide suitable office accommodation for the State Haj Committees of their State.

44. The total amount of ion exchange state, carbonate state and ferric-manganese oxidation state has very little effects on full selenium.

45. There are three states in the analysis and calculation of cable truss such as zero state, initial state and working state.

46. Does it pertain to the state or to the people of the state?

47. State which of the following numbers are unacceptable in Algol and state why.

48. It replaced the Irish Free State by a new state called simply "Ireland".

49. a state of emergency...

50. State - owned enterprises M & A State - owned enterprises industries push the strategic acquirement.