stretch in English

an act of stretching one's limbs or body.
I got up and had a stretch
a continuous area or expanse of land or water.
a treacherous stretch of road
(of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.
my sweater stretched in the wash
synonyms: be elasticbe stretchybe tensile

Use "stretch" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "stretch" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "stretch", or refer to the context using the word "stretch" in the English Dictionary.

1. Stretch and bi stretch to deform.

2. " Stretch ",

3. Her lips pucker and stretch, pucker and stretch.

4. Then stretch away.

5. Always stretch before exercising.

6. A Swedish massage sacral stretch is another great stretch for the lower back.

7. Stretch mesh side pocket.

8. 5 A Swedish massage sacral stretch is another great stretch for the lower back.

9. 17 Psoas stretch is negative.

10. Dacron stretch yarn manufacturing, processing.

11. The plot does stretch credulity.

12. They stretch very, very little.

13. Stretch at speed frame creel.

14. Stretch Your Legs , Save Your Life

15. Let's go stretch our legs. ♪

16. Stretch your brain with this puzzle.

17. Now there, I'd stretch a point.

18. Stretch your arms further up from your shoulders, feel the stretch along both side of your trunks .

19. Stretch out, your head lowered too.

20. His stories really stretch children's imaginations.

21. To stretch ( taffy, for example ) repeatedly.

22. Is it a stretch for you?

23. Go outside to stretch your legs .

24. 7 Stretch outside your comfort zone.

25. The beach seemed to stretch endlessly.

26. Her arms were at full stretch.

27. Yeah, stretch the old frog legs.

28. You can stretch a hymen, too.

29. I was already at full stretch.

30. It's a dangerous stretch of road.

31. The factory was at full stretch.

32. 10) a stretch of white water.

33. Just pulled over for a little stretch.

34. The runners rounded into the home stretch.

35. Xiang camphor tree canopy of the stretch.

36. The landscape seemed to stretch into infinity.

37. You got to stretch out those lungs.

38. I just needed to stretch my legs.

39. Man, that is a stretch right there.

40. This contract will stretch to next month.

41. 20 It's a dangerous stretch of road.

42. They reafforested a wide stretch of badlands.

43. Originally, it was a stretch of marshland.

44. Relax your stomach muscles , then stretch again.

45. That stretch of forest was stumped quickly.

46. He offered his lighter at full stretch.

47. Toldo at full stretch helpless and hopeless.

48. Can you stretch your arms out straighter?

49. The cat gave a long, luxurious stretch.

50. Stretch your legs according to your coverlet.