studio in English

a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works.
In the past, these brick relics have seen service as artists' studios , photographers' darkrooms and birdwatchers' huts.
a film or television production company.
They include senior representatives from all the major film and television studios .
a studio apartment.
It boasts 75 luxury apartments, ranging from studios to two-bedroomed homes.

Use "studio" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "studio" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "studio", or refer to the context using the word "studio" in the English Dictionary.

1. The studio. What is a studio apartment?

2. The studio isn't soundproof.

3. He has a recording studio.

4. 27 Read in studio Video-Taped report follows Read in studio Voice over Good evening.

5. 26 Read in studio Video-Taped report follows Voice over Read in studio Good evening.

6. The album was mostly recorded at DCH Studio, Tokyo, and Loen Studio in Seoul.

7. It's a terrific studio assistant.

8. I own a recording studio.

9. I'm still running the studio.

10. Once the Studio user requests an association, Studio sends you an email with a trafficking code.

11. Data Studio will map your table’s column data types to a unified set of Data Studio types.

12. I'm looking for a studio apartment.

13. They've designed us a superb studio.

14. A recording studio is not required.

15. For the film studio, advertising photography, wedding studio, studios, and other photographic equipment to provide equipment.

16. They are building a modern studio.

17. Iron Maiden -sanctuary studio version from '

18. Hemingway's studio is to the right.

19. It was Hollywood's most glamorous studio.

20. I started working in a recording studio.

21. Rental of accommodation, studios and studio flats

22. She works for a major Hollywood studio.

23. The photograph was taken in a studio.

24. It seemed to amuse the studio crew.

25. In retrospect the studio appears unforgivably tardy.

26. And the studio executives, they would say,

27. The studio is being wired for sound.

28. The film studio is transferring to Hollywood.

29. Film studio and sound studio services for the production of films and videos (other than for advertising purposes)

30. They released four studio albums and also mixed and compiled an album for Studio !K7's DJ-Kicks series.

31. Preparing to broadcast from the WBBR studio

32. Her photography studio was a converted attic.

33. He has built himself a music studio.

34. On location, these were suspended from tower cranes, whereas in the studio elaborate rigs were suspended from the studio ceilings.

35. Your men broke into my artist's studio.

36. Learn more about Trafficking Studio push-down creatives.

37. A peek at his studio gives a clue.

38. John lived in a stylishly shambolic artist's studio.

39. There was nervous tittering in the studio audience.

40. Completed advertiser associations are listed next to Studio.

41. 22 She works for a major Hollywood studio.

42. 1 The film studio is transferring to Hollywood.

43. The rehearsal studio is buzzing with lunchtime activity.

44. A large crowd was gathered outside the studio.

45. Do you have any brass in your studio?

46. 24 Her photography studio was a converted attic.

47. The equipment of the photographic studio was expensive.

48. I outfitted an attic bedroom as a studio.

49. Her first scene was for the studio SexArt.

50. Everyone in the studio burst into hysterical laughter .