substance in English

a particular kind of matter with uniform properties.
a steel tube coated with a waxy substance
synonyms: material matter stuff
the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible, solid presence.
proteins compose much of the actual substance of the body
the quality of being important, valid, or significant.
he had yet to accomplish anything of substance

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1. Substance is classified into heteropolar substance and nonpolar substance.

2. Active substance

3. The harmful substance for health includes fatal substance, substance that can arise hypersusceptibility, environmental hormone and futures.

4. amount of test substance applied, test concentration and reference substance

5. Approval of active substance

6. chronic NOEC (mg active substance/l)/long-term PECSW (mg active substance/l)

7. Reference substance is a chemical substance that is usually used in chemical analysis.

8. Pharmacologically active substance(s)


10. Unit of amount of substance

11. Petrol is a volatile substance.

12. Mercury is a fluid substance.

13. Clay is a plastic substance.

14. Ammonia is a chemical substance.

15. This substance will fly off.


17. Their allegations were without substance.

18. This is an indecomposable substance.

19. Faith is based on substance.

20. This is a narcotic substance.

21. Selenium is a photoconductive substance.

22. Rubber is a flexible substance.

23. And Empyreal substance cannot fail.

24. Laxative: Substance that promotes defecation.

25. Another substance I make is albumin.

26. “The shattered [substance] of [the] heart,

27. Ozone is always an aggressive substance.

28. Resin is a dark, sticky substance.

29. 19 Laxative: Substance that promotes defecation.

30. The substance is hard and granular.

31. Method of producing electrode active substance

32. No substance at all, just froth.

33. A pressure accumulator tank system for applying a substance and a method of applying substance are provided.

34. The substance is harmless to people.

35. Diamond is the hardest substance known.

36. To transport ( a substance ) by advection.

37. Precontract is a contract in substance.

38. Iron phosphide is a hazardous substance.

39. It's uncivilized shooting persons of substance.

40. And this Empyreal substance cannot fail.

41. Endoprosthesis having an active substance coating

42. O'Connell's remarks are completely without substance.

43. 17 Clay is a plastic substance.

44. 3 Rubber is a flexible substance.

45. Cerebral cortex refers to the brain cells and intercellular substance of brain cells, and it is material substance.

46. Said inhalator comprises a substance reservoir chamber and a metering chamber receiving a defined amount of the substance.

47. Furthermore, the invention relates to a liquid substance, such as a perfume, eau de toilette, aftershave or the like, the liquid substance comprising foaming agents for forming the liquid substance into a foam, and to a foam former for dispensing the liquid substance.

48. The active substance is rivastigmine hydrogen tartrate

49. A usually impermeable substance used for caulking.

50. 1 He was a man of substance.