suggested in English

put forward for consideration.
I suggest that we wait a day or two

Use "suggested" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "suggested" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "suggested", or refer to the context using the word "suggested" in the English Dictionary.

1. $ 2 Suggested markdown reporting.

2. Everyone suggested ways and means.

3. But what remedy is suggested?

4. That question naturally suggested itself.

5. He suggested the name Ceres.

6. Suggested Bible reading for December:

7. Suggested Bible reading for October:

8. She suggested suggested that Liberian lawmakers establish a code of conduct to hold each other accountable.

9. The precaution measure were also suggested.

10. With interest, as I've already suggested.

11. Abdominal computed tomography suggested ileocecal intussusception.

12. I offer but one suggested modification.

13. They suggested movable walls and cubicles.

14. 4 Janey suggested, with artless malice.

15. I suggested going in my car.

16. Kantor suggested using a meat thermometer.

17. ACD. Suggested benchmark / Range: 10% to 15%

18. She suggested it, and I gladly accepted.

19. It was first suggested by Leonard Bloomfield.

20. They suggested she go to the almshouse.

21. The baby's x-ray suggested chemical pneumonitis.

22. Nothing suggested tragedy, injustice, heartache, or death.

23. He suggested taking nude photos of her.

24. Nim Goldman suggested to her in anger.

25. No reason for the reproof is suggested.

26. A solution immediately suggested itself to me .

27. Something in his face suggested it irresistibly.

28. She suggested blue, she had to go.

29. It's been suggested they were gangland killings.

30. 15 Ridiculous! Whoever suggested such a thing?

31. We suggested immediate measures betaken about it.

32. They suggested measures to overcome current difficulties.

33. A tentative agrarian programme is suggested below .

34. So far, no translator has suggested this.

35. 19 Ridiculous! Whoever suggested such a thing?

36. My skin specialist have suggested Botox injections.

37. Geithner suggested that Goldman's Blankfein call Pandit.

38. It was Melwas who suggested single combat.

39. No one has suggested how this might occur.

40. She suggested an earlier date for the meeting.

41. His voice and manner suggested an aristocratic pedigree.

42. I tactfully suggested he should see a doctor.

43. The CybrCards have a suggested retail price of $

44. Suggested length: 4-5 typed pages, double-spaced.

45. 2 The practice above suggested should obviate this.

46. Suggested Use: One tablet daily at a mealtime.

47. It was he who first suggested the idea.

48. Several hypotheses for global warming have been suggested.

49. He also suggested compensation for afflicted service personnel.

50. It has suggested privatizing Snecma, which makes aeroengines.