suggesting in English

put forward for consideration.
I suggest that we wait a day or two

Use "suggesting" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "suggesting" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "suggesting", or refer to the context using the word "suggesting" in the English Dictionary.

1. 13 I'm not suggesting capitulation.

2. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

3. " Liabhán mór, " suggesting a big animal.

4. I'm not suggesting we make it easy.

5. 30 Are you suggesting I'm too fat?

6. Are you suggesting this is domestic?

7. I'm not suggesting that for a moment.

8. I'm looking for material evidence suggesting use of enchantments.

9. The speaker ended by suggesting some topics for discussion.

10. I once wrote a column suggesting that Gov.

11. Old lumbar pain, swelling, suggesting that the kidney cancer.

12. So what you're suggesting is we toss her into combat?

13. I'm sorry, what you're suggesting is just not on!

14. Was he suggesting there was a paedophile ring operating?

15. You're suggesting that we initiate a Drift with a Kaiju?

16. The skin eruption is of value in suggesting the diagnosis.

17. Has the relay been cut short as some reports are suggesting?

18. No one is suggesting that we dismantle the Social Security system.

19. He had a wicked glint in his eye, ie suggesting mischievousness.

20. Are you suggesting we let them walk all over us?

21. 18 They keep suggesting ways to keep my weight down.

22. 1 They keep suggesting ways to keep my weight down.

23. "I fail to understand what you're suggesting, " said Clare archly.

24. Now, Varney was suggesting that Google was repeating Microsoft's expansionist behavior.

25. Suggesting changes to the benefits system would be a political minefield.

26. I am suggesting we do this; please consider it, Your Excellency.

27. I wrote suggesting that he should come for the weekend.

28. I think that what he's suggesting is not humanly possible.

29. Suggesting that God expresses Himself or Herself through powerlessness, rather than power.

30. No one is suggesting that Zajedno is about to call it quits.

31. NOTICE : 1 , suggesting make the surface to coarseness for better stick.

32. Presumably they disperse to other areas, suggesting that inbreeding is unlikely.

33. It had to be about implying and suggesting, not explaining or describing.

34. Body control over crests isn't 100% though, suggesting damping could be better.

35. Doctor, are you suggesting the pain is a figment of my imagination?

36. Now, notice the vacant eyes, the pale, queasy expression, suggesting nausea.

37. 6 He left no written account suggesting this, although there were other documents suggesting that he had spoken to others about it when he was an old man.

38. No one is suggesting Darwinism has all the answers to social questions.

39. A body of evidence emerged suggesting that smoking tobacco caused serious diseases.

40. No one is suggesting that any health risks attach to this product.

41. You're not suggesting we should play one clique off against the other?

42. Anderson suggesting cooking meat thoroughly enough to kill bacteria but avoiding charring.

43. Suggesting that he should do something, Mary tells her son: “They have no wine.”

44. This gesture mimics grinding a pepper mill, suggesting the content of the subject's brain.

45. The procuratorial organ has the feature of suggesting, proceduring, foresight, coordinating, and non-lawsuit.

46. Many stakeholders are expressing reservations and suggesting alternatives for the future negotiating format.

47. Oleanane was detected in these specimens, suggesting that they belong to the angiosperms.

48. Now, I'm not suggesting simply the uninspiring idea of more work-life balance.

49. You're not suggesting I'd commit murder for an amethyst necklace and a few sketches?

50. So going back to 1989, I wrote a memo suggesting the global hypertext system.