suggestion in English

an idea or plan put forward for consideration.
She found this project exciting to work on because the owner was very open to new ideas and suggestions for his premises.

Use "suggestion" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "suggestion" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "suggestion", or refer to the context using the word "suggestion" in the English Dictionary.

1. What an improper suggestion!

2. I rejected his suggestion.

3. What an absurd suggestion!

4. This suggestion dumbfounded Joe.

5. May I make a suggestion?

6. We'll chew on your suggestion.

7. So Charlemagne has a suggestion.

8. 5 This suggestion dumbfounded Joe.

9. They fobbed off our suggestion.

10. 14) This suggestion dumbfounded Joe.

11. He boggled at the suggestion.

12. We value your suggestion highly.

13. That's a frankly absurd suggestion.

14. The suggestion is sheer nonsense.

15. we have withdrawn our suggestion.

16. The suggestion has some merit.

17. His suggestion is under reorganization.

18. Wolfe waved my suggestion aside.

19. Suggestion Number Three: Be Consistent

20. Might I make a suggestion?

21. Most advertisements work through suggestion.

22. Your suggestion merited our consideration.

23. Review the box “A Suggestion.”

24. May I present a suggestion?

25. Can I make a suggestion?

26. His suggestion was knocked down.

27. They knocked down the suggestion.

28. He received my suggestion coolly.

29. Mr. Snagsby's suggestion is the practical suggestion after all, and the beadle must be called in.

30. SUGGESTION: Learn about your child’s condition.

31. She took up my suggestion enthusiastically.

32. The dean threw out a suggestion.

33. He mugged displeasure at the suggestion.

34. We found his suggestion absolutely repugnant.

35. His suggestion met with some hostility.

36. My suggestion appealed to her vanity.

37. He agreed to her suggestion begrudgingly.

38. Are you agreeable to my suggestion?

39. Have you got an alternative suggestion?

40. His suggestion borders on the ridiculous.

41. I want to make a suggestion.

42. He will indignantly repudiate the suggestion.

43. Your suggestion has been duly noted.

44. He balked at making the suggestion.

45. Ian accepted the suggestion without argument.

46. Do you hold by my suggestion?

47. They would not countenance our suggestion.

48. Ahem, might I make a suggestion?

49. They treated his suggestion with derision.

50. They looked askance at her suggestion.