suicide in English

the action of killing oneself intentionally.
he committed suicide at the age of forty
synonyms: self-destructiontaking one's own lifekilling oneselfself-murder
intentionally kill oneself.
he leaves the service and then suicides

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1. Suicide influenced suicide ideation, and then influenced the incidence of suicide.

2. Suicide ideation refers to the mentation of an attempted suicide and suicide completer at the early stage.

3. Suicide is never justified.

4. Probably charcoal-burning suicide.

5. " Rogue cop commits suicide. "

6. He's bent on suicide.

7. com/suicide bombing.html], polygyny itself is not a sufficient cause of suicide bombing.

8. It's the ultimate geographical suicide.

9. Suicide is not always planned

10. Juno: I'm a suicide risk.

11. The Kamikazes used suicide air strikes because they followed ritual of altruistic suicide (Hara-kiri).

12. The attacker then committed suicide.

13. Because... suicide is too selfish.

14. Pregnancy or childbirth. Attempted suicide.

15. Portrayals of suicide, both fictional and nonfictional, have been blamed for deaths by suicide for centuries.

16. Some of them committed suicide.

17. And that's a suicide vest.

18. Suicide by Chinese street thugs.

19. He had even contemplated suicide.

20. The suicide rate went down.

21. Hayward attempted suicide after the divorce.

22. She committed suicide three days later.

23. Before his suicide in May, Adm.

24. The President's nurse apparently committed suicide.

25. Have you ever contemplated committing suicide?

26. All the evidence points to suicide.

27. No Ptolemy has ever committed suicide.

28. A fine soundtrack for a suicide.

29. Cyrus is planning a mass suicide.

30. He committed suicide not long ago.

31. Suicide for the faint of heart.

32. Female suicide bombers are increasingly common.

33. Death by suicide, Confirmation of death

34. Nero, Emperor of Rome, committed suicide.

35. Oh, Henry Fishguard never committed suicide.

36. To attack now would be suicide.

37. He cheated the law by suicide.

38. The number of suicide has increased.

39. Committing suicide was a mortal sin.

40. Nutritionally, her new diet is suicide.

41. Suicide rates have remained essentially unchanged.

42. Should voluntary euthanasia assisted suicide be legalized?

43. 3 acolytes have committed suicide for Joe.

44. Horned Overseers can commit a suicide explosion.

45. How is suicide viewed in the locality?

46. Suicide as street theatre, murder by corpse.

47. She had repeatedly threatened to commit suicide.

48. Her suffering distressed her into committing suicide.

49. Suicide to have an urge feels like.

50. The suicide is kind of disengagement, right?