suicides in English

the action of killing oneself intentionally.
he committed suicide at the age of forty
synonyms: self-destructiontaking one's own lifekilling oneselfself-murder
intentionally kill oneself.
he leaves the service and then suicides

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1. Accidental deaths, suicides.

2. Making suicides look like accidents or murders.

3. Notably, 62% of suicides by shooting occurred in military locations.

4. The suicides and how to stop them mystify Gou.

5. Accidental deaths, suicides, etc., The Dominion Annual Register, 1882, p.

6. The most illustrious committed unromantic suicides - more ovens, more tranquillizers.

7. 1 The most illustrious committed unromantic suicides - more ovens, more tranquillizers.

8. She accolades for her directorial feature film debut, The Virgin Suicides.

9. The most striking feature of those statistics is the high proportion of suicides.

10. There is a pronounced ripple effect when someone suicides in your community.

11. The underlying factor in almost all suicides is the feeling of hopelessness.

12. The negative fallout of this, like suicides by farmers, is a worrisome trend.

13. This includes deaths from “intoxication, traffic accidents, suicides, and homicides,” says the paper.

14. Resources by school subject > Suicides and suicide rates Overview In this activity, students create a bar chart using the table titled ‘Suicides, and suicide rate, by sex, by age group’.

15. In Wuhan there were 62 suicides and 32 murders during the same period.

16. Some people seem to stage their suicides in ways which punish the survivor.

17. Violence against women continues to increase: rapes, suicides, acid attacks and women being burned.

18. Disembowelment played a part as a method of execution and ritual suicides once in Japan.

19. The incident happened at Beachy Head -- a spot on England's south coast notorious for suicides.

20. The Greek Orthodox Church forbids funeral services for suicides unless the deceased was mentally ill.

21. Since automobile accidents are not generally counted as suicides, teen suicide statistics may be understated.

22. Added to this are the suicides of wives who can no longer face domestic misery.

23. In the United States, about 60 percent of suicides are carried out with a gun.

24. 30 They die of all causes, but like single men, divorced men specialize in accidents and suicides.

25. M. alarmed by the recent increase in the number of prison suicides in several European countries,

26. They die of all causes, but like single men, divorced men specialize in accidents and suicides.

27. Following World War I and II, right after Kennedy was shot, and following 9l11, suicides plummeted.

28. When the author listed the costs according to the intent of the shooter, suicides and attempted suicides topped the list at $4.7 billion, followed by homicides and assaults at $1.1 billion, and accidental shootings at nearly $602 million.

29. This study examined 82 reported suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths in custody from 2001 to 2005 (inclusive).

30. They simply survived or died at home, where their deaths were conflated with the growing numbers of female suicides.

31. The analysis showed that suicides predominated (68.7 %) followed by household accidents (10.4 %) and accidents at work (8 %).

32. They stamp out graffiti, quash drug deals, bust carjacking rings, rescue drug overdose victims, even prevent suicides.

33. The prison, a cold, dank hellhole, saw many murders, riots, and suicides during its 29 years of service.

34. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, in the U.S., there are 300 to 500 train suicides a year.

35. Lester and Leenaars (1998) examined the ecological relationship between suicides, homicides and accidental deaths from firearms in the Canadian provinces.

36. She's the trembly survivor of a family that stiff-upper-lipped its way through suicides and other tragedies.

37. However, it is impossible to determine how this pattern is influenced by the known under-reporting of suicides.

38. 14 In the long term production of serotonin is reduced, leading to depression most suicides have low serotonin levels.

39. The Love Suicides at Sonezaki is a short play in three scenes, staged over a day and a night.

40. Our prison system is being put under the microscope after an alarming number of deaths and suicides this year.

41. Suicides and fits of madness in overcrowded apartments are often attributed to neighbour ' s radios , construction machinery and traffic noise .

42. The number of actual suicides because of gambling and debts accrued by this means, legally or illegally, is not known.

43. In proportion to their numbers young ghetto males commit seven times more homicides and 30 percent more suicides than young white males.

44. He said that “easy access” to handguns is likely a “major contributing factor” in suicides for those who act on impulse.

45. A surfer rides a wave off the coast of Margaret River, where beaches sport nicknames such as 'Suicides, 'Boneyards, ' and 'Guillotine.

46. The Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus said it would not bury people taking their own lives, declaring suicides "the greatest sin."

47. 14 A surfer rides a wave off the coast of Margaret River, where beaches sport nicknames such as 'Suicides, 'Boneyards, ' and 'Guillotine.

48. There is an alarming increase in suicides among adolescents, many of whom feel that they can’t look forward to contributing to society.”

49. Among the population as a whole, the ratio of attempted suicides to actual suicides has been estimated to be 10 to 1; among the young (15-24), it has been estimated to be 100 to 1; and among those over 55, it has been estimated to be 1 to 1.”

50. According to their analysis, “a 1 percentage point increase in the annual unemployment rate leads to 320 additional suicides for men per year.”