suitcases in English

a case with a handle and a hinged lid, used for carrying clothes and other personal possessions.
Every year she travels to Israel to visit her son and takes a huge suitcase packed with baby clothes to the hospital.
synonyms: travel bagtraveling bag case valise overnight case portmanteau vanity case garment bag backpack duffel bag luggage baggage

Use "suitcases" in a sentence

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1. Are your suitcases strapped up?

2. He lifted the suitcases up.

3. Label your suitcases to prevent confusion.

4. Please weigh in all the suitcases.

5. – Six phoney green leather suitcases...

6. Parcels and suitcases at Austria branch

7. Two suitcases and a traveling bag.

8. Even things like clothes, suitcases, bags, watches.

9. A customs officer is checking the suitcases.

10. Shunt your suitcases,let me go through.

11. The suitcases were taken to Madrid by mistake.

12. The suitcases with the loot are gone.

13. I managed to hump the suitcases upstairs.

14. Stop dawdling and help me with these suitcases.

15. You'll strain your back carrying those heavy suitcases.

16. I'm not schlepping these suitcases all over town.

17. After all, he wasn't packing suitcases for fun.

18. If only we could hire DNA to pack our suitcases!

19. Travelling bags, trunks, bags, gent's handbags, trolley-type suitcases, vanity cases, cases, pocket wallets, pouches, travelling sets, suitcases with trims of aluminium

20. The sister recalled that one woman kept wailing: “My suitcases!

21. Nobody wants to lug around huge suitcases full of clothes.

22. Piles of packages, clothes, suitcases, everything in a mess.

23. He travels so much he actually wears out suitcases.

24. Robert's friend stooped over the boot, pulling out suitcases.

25. I unfastened my cape and laid it across my suitcases.

26. They had come up from London loaded down with six suitcases.

27. I said goodbye and went to check in my suitcases.

28. Don't forget to tag your suitcases with your name and address.

29. Roy and Pat took just two suitcases, one for each earring.

30. I'm so tired of all this traveling, living out of suitcases.

31. Do I have to lug those suitcases all the way to the station?

32. Piled-up suitcases served as the speaker’s stand for the public talk

33. The bellhop will help you to carry the suitcases to your room.

34. 29) Don't forget to tag your suitcases with your name and address.

35. And weren't defectors like displaced persons, small and shabby with cardboard suitcases.

36. Trunks and and Suitcases, Attaché cases, Portfolios,Business card holders, credit card holders

37. He hurried to take the suitcases and occupy himself with packing the car.

38. Articles of luggage, tote bags, travel bags, suitcases, grips, hold-alls, trunks and valises

39. 'What'll we do with them?' he asked, jerking his thumb at the suitcases.

40. Living out of suitcases,he has no time to stay with his family.

41. All we had were our stage props and what we could carry in our suitcases.

42. Coffee thermoses, incense pots, boxes of fruit, trays to serve it on, suitcases, prayer mats.

43. Their clothes were all bunched up after being in suitcases for so long.

44. 17 Oversize suitcases or carry - on baggage can be a great headache later.

45. 1 'What'll we do with them?' he asked, jerking his thumb at the suitcases.

46. A tightfisted man was standing on the pavement with two heavy suitcases hailing a taxi.

47. We quickly put chairs in front of our door and started packing our suitcases.

48. They were used to store trunks, suitcases, large misshapen cardboard boxes and broken furniture.

49. Passengers were asked to identify their own suitcases before they were put on the plane.

50. The bellhop will help you carry the suitcases to your room. Have a nice evening!