suited in English

right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation.
the task is ideally suited to a computer
wearing a suit of clothes of a specified type, fabric, or color.
a dark-suited man
be convenient for or acceptable to.
he lied whenever it suited him
synonyms: be convenient forbe acceptable tobe suitable formeet the requirements offit the bill formake appropriate to/for tailor fashion adjust adapt modify fit gear design
put on clothes, typically for a particular activity.
I suited up and entered the water

Use "suited" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "suited" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "suited", or refer to the context using the word "suited" in the English Dictionary.

1. You two are not suited.

2. This arrangement suited me perfectly.

3. Blue suited her fair colouring.

4. The bed's firmness suited him.

5. She's ideally suited to the job.

6. It suited Charles' melancholy mood well.

7. This patron saint suited this soul.

8. She's ideally suited for this job.

9. The music suited her melancholy mood.

10. He suited his speech to the audience.

11. You are suited to be my assistant.

12. Sheep are particularly well suited for domestication.

13. He was ideally suited for the job.

14. She was ideally suited to the job.

15. He and his wife are well suited .

16. They were not suited to one another.

17. It's not really suited to absolute beginners.

18. 5 Domestically, we were not badly suited.

19. She is uniquely suited to the job.

20. Jo and I are very well suited.

21. She could choose whichever God suited her.

22. It suited him to play the sphinx.

23. Her short hair suited her elfin face.

24. 2 Her short hair suited her elfin face.

25. It suited her diminutive stature and delicate features.

26. The pilots have suited up and got everythingready.

27. 20 years ago you said it suited me.

28. Our planet is ideally suited to host life.

29. Satellites are uniquely suited to provide this information.

30. They were an extremely happy couple, ideally suited.

31. He was not really suited for army life.

32. 8 She seems ill-suited to this job.

33. He is not suited to is a cager.

34. We found him work more suited to his abilities.

35. Boar chops are best suited to grilling or sauteing.

36. Its rectangular frame is well suited to beef production.

37. He is not really suited for a teaching career.

38. I believe it ( scoring system ) would have suited him.

39. He picked lawn mower prime suited to instant comNorwayds.

40. 9 His nickname, Tiny, suited him to a turn.

41. • Access to different organizational models suited to different purposes

42. Some jobs are better suited to telecommuting than others.

43. That suited Fenn fine: he preferred to snoop alone.

44. 1 Direct sequency field recursive realization is especially suited in continuous data processing, and sequency field equivalence realization is especially suited in narrow band filtering.

45. That your brother would be more suited to your estate.

46. Living hidden away in the mountains suited his ascetic character.

47. I don't really think I'm suited to this marriage lark.

48. 8 Boar chops are best suited to grilling or sauteing.

49. It is also well-suited for navigation in shallow seas.

50. Xebecs are also quite well - suited for being merchant vessels.