suites in English

a set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose.
The kitchen area, which will serve smaller suites of dining rooms, is extensive enough to ensure that guests will not be eating sandwiches.
a set of instrumental compositions, originally in dance style, to be played in succession.
His division of works into dance suites and more serious music is essentially the same as Corelli's distinction between sonate da camera and sonate da chiesa.
a set of programs with a uniform design and the ability to share data.
All the programs in the suite have a coherent design, even when you start getting into their more complex settings, and it's in this usability that McAfee is head and shoulders above any of its rivals.

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1. com), luxury suites and presidential suites six different type.

2. We have single room, double room, suites, and deluxe suites.

3. Range of suites at half price.

4. VIP ( very important person ) suites.

5. And there are penthouse suites aplenty.

6. Consulting suites, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy units.

7. 5 And there are penthouse suites aplenty.

8. Up to 40 percent off showroom suites.

9. 16 Consulting suites, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy units.

10. They have private suites in all their hotels

11. The airy junior suites are comfortable and stylish.

12. do you like Americana 5 Inn & Suites South...?

13. The furniture shop's offering three-piece suites at giveaway prices.

14. Advanced level of Microsoft office suites and computer programming.

15. Only 20 of 64 luxury suites will be opened.

16. It is a 161-room hotel, including 20 suites.

17. Add 160 luxury suites and the overall effect is pretty spectacular.

18. Guest rooms, equipped with 223 single standard double room, standard and three-bed rooms, deluxe business room, luxury suites and presidential suites six different type.

19. Image Gallery of Marina All Suites Hotel Rio de Janeiro.

20. Our hotel offers 3 suites, all of them newly reconstructed.

21. Our hotel offers you suites with all comfort and luxury.

22. There are also 19 harpsichord suites and several variation sets.

23. All of the hotel’s spacious suites are located on this floor.

24. The hotel has 9 floors with 133 rooms, including 6 suites.

25. Suites of store-rooms occupied a large area of the temple.

26. The Caleta Hotel provides wide selection of guest rooms and suites.

27. Blakes's dramatically designed interior and glamorous suites have long attracted visiting celebs.

28. Suites and the number of words , distance cell lines are appropriate, symmetric harmony.

29. Today, agile is used in a hundred countries, and it's sweeping into management suites.

30. The marbled staircase leads to 126 rooms and suites filled with period furniture.

31. You’ll find three additional bedroom suites upstairs, and one additional bedroom suite downstairs.

32. Malisa Villas Suites provides modern villas housed in five ancient Thai architectural styles.

33. Cribs are available in all rooms and suites for infants aged one year or less.

34. Over time the two halves of Pangaea developed wildly different suites of plants and animals.

35. 100 newly designed, fashionable and cosy rooms & suites, all climate controlled and sound-proofed.

36. The hotel offers 106 rooms and suites, furnished with all comfort and impressive design.

37. All rooms and suites provide the ultimate in comfort expected from a modern hotel.

38. All rooms and suites include air conditioning, satellite TV, Sky channels and portable phones.

39. Adjoining suites and rooms at Suvretta House can be linked together in different configurations.

40. Savour the comfort and the stylish ambience of the tastefully furnished rooms and suites.

41. Mini-suites offer a sitting area, tub and shower and a walk-in closet.

42. The hotel offers deluxe rooms and suites which have all been renovated in October 2006.

43. All airconditioned suites have one thing in common: the agreeable luxury of a grandhotel.

44. Sale, rental and leasing of apartments, suites, flats, homes and commercial and office accommodation

45. What other organization would claim such inattention to details like pricing and luxury suites?

46. The Internet Protocol Suite, like many protocol suites, may be viewed as a set of layers.

47. Watersports Shopping village All rooms and suites have mini-bar and 24 hour room service.

48. The emphasis is on spacious comfort in all the hotel's 212 superbly appointed bedrooms and suites.

49. The hotel provides accommodation in 33 rooms and 3 suites, all have the standard equipment.

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