supply in English

a stock of a resource from which a person or place can be provided with the necessary amount of that resource.
there were fears that the drought would limit the exhibition's water supply
make (something needed or wanted) available to someone; provide.
the farm supplies apples to cider makers

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1. (ii) power supply; nominal AC supply voltage and/or limits of DC supply,

2. Supply chain surplus = Customer Value - Supply Chain Cost.

3. Absorption type heat supply system and heat supply method

4. Administration of power supply systems and power supply components

5. Fuel supply system and fuel supply method of lpg carrier

6. Management accounting in supply chains (or supply chain controlling, SCC) is part of the supply chain management concept.

7. Apparatus for administration of power supply systems and power supply components

8. The Global Supply Chain Forum has introduced another supply chain model.

9. A power supply

10. Sludge supply device

11. Rivet supply machines

12. Aggregate Supply - The combined supply of all sellers in a market.

13. Dual power supply, backup generator, total power supply of 000 KVA.

14. Distributed energy supply-based device and method for controlling a power supply

15. A change in supply is involved when the entire supply curve shifts.

16. Power supply unit may be started without a grid power supply, i.e.

17. There is a supplementary water supply in case the rain supply fails.

18. Apparatus for the administration of power supply systems and power supply components

19. 8 USB power supply directly. No other power supply. Plug and play.

20. The difference between revenue from selling the PC and the supply chain cost represents the supply chain surplus or supply chain profitability.

21. Ac traction power supply

22. Switch to alternate supply.

23. Supply, demand, big opportunity.

24. Antenna having a broadband power supply structural body, and a power supply method

25. Switch to alternate supply

26. 21 There is a supplementary water supply in case the rain supply fails.

27. Transportation network , water supply, power supply, sea-route basic construction condition is favorable.

28. Do you supply a certificate of analysis for the products that you supply?

29. Clearly regularity of supply is closely linked with diversity of sources of supply.

30. Managing the Supply Chai

31. Refusal to supply ULL

32. * Restructure agricultural supply chains.

33. The air supply channel (122) is provided with an air supply ventilator (126).

34. Graphically, individual supply curves are summed horizontally to obtain the market supply curve.

35. Balance of total labour demand and labour supply as ratio of labour supply.

36. Project of water-power engineering: Two-stage high pressurized water supply. Dual electricity supply with own power generator to ensure stable electricity supply.

37. Alternative food supply chains

38. Please supply a password

39. A power supply inverter for providing an AC output from a DC power supply.

40. A breathing apparatus includes a supply tube configured to provide a supply of air.

41. Supply chain surplus is the value addition by supply chain function of an organisation.

42. The transmitting noise can reduce capability of power supply or attaint switch power supply.

43. Supply chain surplus, also known as supply chain profitability, is a common term that represents value addition by supply chain function of an organization.

44. A power supply is provided, and a central supply of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

45. Water supply: there's water plant in the Park, tap water supply is all - day available.

46. Paint supply system is a precise tank with constant supply to make spray more steadily.

47. A dc/dc power supply

48. The nominal value of the AC voltage supply and/or the limits of DC supply

49. Portable power supply and accessories

50. Food is in short supply.