thixotropic in English


(about a gel) changing into a fluid when stirred or shaken (Chemistry)

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1. The invention discloses an environment-friendly thixotropic antirust oil which is composed of base oil, barium-free antirusting agent, thixotropic agent, accessory ingredient and antioxygen.

2. A thixotropic room temperature filling compound for telephone cable is developed.

3. This is referred to as a thixotropic property of the resin.

4. Supported carbonic acid esters useful as set accelerators and thixotropic agents in cement

5. The dried attapulgite clay with adsorbed dispersant is redispersed in water and retains thixotropic properties.

6. The time - dependent group of purely viscous fluids includes the thixotropic and the rheopectic fluids.

7. The methodology presented to conduct the upper bound analysis of thixotropic extrusion process of semi - solid metal.

8. Reheating state and thixotropic behavior of semisolid hypoeutectic Al - Si alloy were investigated by the penetration method.

9. The influential factors including waterborne anti-rust resins, acrylic emulsion and thixotropic agents, etc are also discussed.

10. The Fisher Space Pen is a ballpoint pen which works with thixotropic ink and a pressurized ink cartridge.

11. With K-73 is a thixotropic system. Gives a white, slightly resilient, machinable gelcoat with good edge strength.

12. Thixotropic means the viscosity of the gel is reduced when it is worked with a palette knife.

13. The thixotropic characteristics and the amplitude dependence result from the disruption of aggregates, or more extended structures, of starch particles.

14. Provided are: a dry syrup comprising a pharmaceutically active substance, starch and a thixotropic thickener; and a production method therefor.

15. The thixotropic media is made by combination of three gels, which can be used for special micro-organism tests.

16. The thixotropic characteristics of selected doughs were studied by determining the time dependence of the moduli after the amplitude had been changed.

17. The invention relates to the use of a mixture of a thixotropic dispersant and abrasive grains as abrasives for machining workpieces, especially semiconductor crystals.

18. Mainly uses in each kind of casting coating and in many kinds of ceramic colored glaze coating, serves as the parent metal the deflocculant , the thixotropic agent.

19. The experimental results showed that zirconyl oxalate dried gel prepared by this method has a thixotropic characteristic, and is an economic and practical precursor for preparing zirc.

20. Clays and clay minerals in particular as swelling, thickening and thixotropic agents for suspensions, as additives for the flotation of ores, as filling materials for soaps, paper, cardboard and plastics, as bleaching earths, as adsorbents and desiccants, as catalysts and carriers for catalysts, as agents for water and waste-water purification

21. A thixotropic fluid present in a flexible container reaches the chamber (12) through the through-passages (13), whereupon the fluid performs a directional change from axial to radial and after a second directional change from radial to axial flows out through the spout opening (5), wherein a constriction (21) between the two directional changes accelerates the flow.